Is nothing sacred?

It just gets more fucked up as we go on.

I have received two emails today that have made me pause. The first was from a friend of mine and has no particular qualities to note bar the fact that I was actually online at the time and signed into msn.

the 1 time i need 2 talk ur not on line bitch,dick, cock bite

The other email i received is one I would brand a chain email. This however was a particularly nasty variant. Does anyone remember the murder of the two girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman? Good, me too. For those stateside or who were out of touch with the news for the best part of a year, here is some info (my search on the BBC site gave 332 results).

The email I got was as follows:

this is in memory of holly Wells and Jessica Chapmen who were taken for no reason and murdered by Ian huntley a sick and twisted man, this to all of ur contacts who are online, if u dont it is purely out of respect, to show u care, rest in peace little angels holly and Jessica, Please forward if u dont u obviously dont have a heart

plz sign ur name at the bottom as a mark of resperct

This is then followed by a huge list of names. Apart from appearing to have been written by a 3 year old on steroids, I find this quite sick. The line that really wound me up was “Please forward if u dont u obviously dont have a heart”. Umm, yeah, if I don’t forward this shitty little chain email I have no heart. Myself I would say that if you had a heart you would just let the matter rest. This is at best a cheap way of trying to make people send an email.

Its people like this that make me question my part in the human race.

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