Me according to me

Hi my name is Craig. I live in Cornwall with my wife and work as a web developer building (rather cunningly) mainly websites for other companies.

Me according to everyone else

This is Craig, he lives in the West Country and he talks about computers too much.

What I really do

I primarily code in PHP and MySQL (although I started life in Java and C# (yeah, I’m fairly new to code really and I didn’t start on punch cards)). While I do (clearly) build websites, I tend to build more solutions and web applications. Things like project managers, Content Management Systems (CMS’), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) etc as these are more interesting and allow me to focus on user interactions. I am no designer so I always need others to draw it for me, but I’m pretty good at figuring out what people want from their systems and giving it to them.

What everyone else thinks I do

Still just yabbers on about computers mostly.

My interests outside of computing

Despite (or perhaps because of) me spending so much time in front of a computer I’m fairly interested in photography (although not just in a way that everyone is now we all have digital cameras and can all sit and take millions of photos, I enjoyed it when I had to wait to find out if the photo worked). I generally enjoy outdoor activities and have spent a lot of my life in Scouts doing scary things like rock climbing and abseiling and jumping off hotels (technically the scouts don’t let you do that, I had to go to school for that). My preferred sport is badminton mainly for mild anger management by hitting a small pile of feathers at other people and getting “points” for it.

What others think I do outside of computing


My pet hates

People who don’t learn and listen (yes, sometimes that’s me, I don’t pretend to be perfect). In fact generally people who treat knowledge and learning as a bad thing. The number of times I have heard the phrase “no, there is no point, I just don’t get computers” when I try to explain something on a computer to someone. Of course it is pretty hard to “get them” when they don’t try to listen and learn.

My perceived pet hates


What I think this site is for

To pool all my online accounts and information about me into one place and a one place that I own. To provide me with a playground for continued learning about my field and to allow me to more easily vent at the world if I am so inclined.

What others think this site is for

To keep me busy and out of trouble and if they are really lucky, quiet.

My goals

  • To one day build my own home (not in a brick by brick way, I’m not a masochist).
  • To convince my wife I’m not crazy.
  • To progress from a DINKY family to a proper one.
  • To one day teach properly (lecture, not teach little kids about what the mouse is, again, not a masochist).
  • To visit New Zealand, San Francisco, Denver, Canada, The Gambia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, India.
  • To find out why the sod there is an airport in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 800miles from Hawaii.