Typo after typo afyer typo

Argh, my typo’s are pissing me off at the moment. Every time I look through my LJ I notice not miss spelt words, but just the wrong words. For e.g in the entry below this one I put “and” as apposed to “an”. I HATE doing that. It just makes people think I can’t talk/type and I don’t understand my own bloody language!

Right, now for more entry worthy err, entries. Having been hosting 7 sites for people over the last few months and having built a few, I am finally realising my mini dream! To actually have the reason for my journal title and my username online!
These two rather odd things have spurred for the name of the website I am now finally building. So of all the sites I have built, this is actually the first for me.

For those who care (which isn’t many) it is here Now I agree that it is just an “under construction” picture, but this is never-the-less a big step as this site has been planned for almost 2 years!

While I’m in a typing mood, I was listening to some Christians complaining about the shops being open through more and more Christian “events” such as Christmas and Easter. Now as I though about this, I don’t ever remember a shop being closed for any holidays of other religions…isn’t this just the country being a built more even handed about things. Now its fair to say that if they were to close for all holidays then the shops would never be open much, so the only other way to deal with this is to treat each day as any other.

Hmm, I paused just there for 10 minutes and now I really cant be bothered to get back in to “entry mode” so that will have to do it for now. I’m sure I was just at the rambling stage anyway.




This is doing my head in….my favourite forum golivewire) isn’t working for me…i have tried everything. If i use its address, i just get firefox telling me it cant find that address. I get the same for all the other domain names the forum owns (used for getting passed school blocks). Then if i try to look it up to get the IP, i get nothing…

Now as my hosting is on their server (they do hosting too) i took a few shots and guessed their IP…so i got into the site…only problem is if i try and post (which happens to be something i do quite a bit on the forum..) i just get the page back in and html view…for no good reason. My best guess it that some DNS server round me is fucked….and the forums scripts aren’t designed to work when you go in through the IP, not the url….argh…just one of those days.

On a lighter note, the new 17inch TFT monitor for the downstairs machine came today…very cool and not a single dead pixel dares show its face…all good. The other item that arrived was the long, round IDE cable so i have now managed to fit the other hard drive. Although its only 40gig, every little helps….

*keeps plodding on*


everything hates me – i think it does it cos its evil and thinks its fun

oh sod it, im in a bad mood and i feel like a rant…so off i go to a forum which i seem to be taking over, its called golivewire. i seem to be spending rather alot of time there, and the one time i want to have a good rant and there is NOTHING to rant about! ARGH! i am not impressed. it is late and im tiered and im trying to find a blog script that i can use for my site…i intend to update it and LJ at the same time with the same content…so i find a really nice blog script…and after a bloody long time and via another rant (at ) i find out where to get it…so then i start looking around the site some more and discover that i have to pay for that…my heart sinks….and then…a small amount of good luck..they make a free version (“yay” goes my mind) so off i go to download the thing…as i go to do so, they want my email address so they can feed me spam (as is always the case…so they get one of my addresses for just spam) and away goes the download…10 seconds later, i un-zip the file and put it in my IIS root, only to discover that i havnt got my server set up to run cgi files…and its so late now, and i cant think…im really not in the mood for fixing it now…and i can fix it tomorrow morning as i have to do a report for college, and i cant do it in the afternoon as i have to go to college and i cant do it in the evening as i have a meeting to go to…AAAAAAAARGH! i am not in the mood for this!