Your breathing rights have been removed until further notice

Ah yes, is that time again, twenty-two minuets past midnight, surly this must be due an update.

Ok, round-up of recent events:

– The reason why my website (and all those I host with Jonners) have been up and down like a bloody yoyo, followed by a down with no return. They changed nameservers. I found this out by sending them a long (insulting) email asking why my site was down after the recent upgrade. I have since sent an email back explaining it was all Jonners fault (as is often the case).

You see, we have a contact email assigned with them. This is now set to mine, but it used to be set to Jonners hotmail. Had it been updated 3 months or so ago when he moved to gmail….like hell.

Suffice to say, all sites (bar the ones I haven’t spoken to yet) are all up and are purring nicely on the new server.

– We have now ceased all lectures for Christmas.

– My (very legal) Server 2003 Enterprise box found the point where my temper frays. I reinstalled it having put up with far too many random restarts. It’s probably because I’m running it on an old test rig, but I don’t care, it works now, which makes a change.

Today was a good day. It was a good day to the extent that from about 5pm I have had a nice big grin plastered to my face.

As part of my degree we have to do a year of real (paid) work in a vaguely relevant industry. You can get out of it, but I had no particular wish to (it being one of the things that attracted me to the course in the first place). The Uni has a placements office who are there to help you, but you are assured that they don’t do it all for you.

Last Wednesday (07/12/05) I got an email about a good placement at Merrill Lynch The placements office had just sent a blanket email to everyone on 2nd year computing courses telling us that it was the last chance to apply to them. I made an effort, wrote a covering letter and sent in my CV.

The following Tuesday (13/12/05) I got an email from Merrill Lynch asking me to come up to London on the Friday (today) for an assessment day. Suffice to say the 8:45 start in London concerned me a touch (in retrospect, rightly so, that was an un-godly hour I had to get up at). I left the house before the sun was up and I got home early and still watched the sun set from the train.

I’m not going to go into detail about the events of the day, but trust me, as the day went on I so wanted to work for them. It was such a great place, they had so much money it was almost untrue. I will take this opportunity to point out that we had no idea what the salary was going to be but I would have still be more than happy to work there even if it was low.

I was told at the end of the interview that we would get emails to tell us if we got in (there were 3 places for 9 of us (we are just those who made I there, I think there were several hundred apps)). In the knowledge I was going to have to wait, I set off home.

Soon after I endured the train home and was recalling the days events to interested parties (mum and my brothers) I got a phone call! I got in 😀

I could not be more happy, I am so looking forward to this. (not to mention the salary was bloody good (and trust me, I mean that)).

I’m so happy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz