hmm, well, i cant think of a subject for this….

well today has been a fairly pointless day….

woke up…way too early
went in to work (im a primary schools IT tech on one of my college days off)
discovered there was no point to me being at work as the guy i work with was off sick
went home
sat in front of the computer
noticed i felt crap (head ache and sore throat)
still sitting in front of the computer
ate food
did some boring, pointless stuff
went out to beavers (where im one of the helpers/leaders (this is much harder than it sounds))
got home
ate food
waited till dad got back with the car
drove off to fix a friends computer
came back
landed in front of the computer
…..and now im here.

wasn’t that fun.

On another note, the product referred to here has found its way back into our fridge, and as far as im concerned…it can bloodywell stay there.

Sainsbury’s scamorza cheese and sun dried tomato tortelloni

if you see this product…smite it.

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