take the next left…

today…well, yesterday now, i did another pointless thing. On my way back from badminton i decided to take a different route home, in fact, the route i took, took more than twice as long, but i really enjoyed it. This had me thinking…as most things do, a car is all about freedom. now i know this has been said before the world over, but i guess i found this interesting because it want until that moment that i truly understood.

this taking an odd route home has been going on a while now, and all seems to have come from myself and Naomi (who is first mentioned here). we have been lift sharing as we now both drive and discovered we live quite close. she is rather random, and i think most people agree i am, either odd, random, or both, so we make a rather odd pair in the car. so when we were behind someone from badminton in the car who was going the same way, we decided (she suggested, i was driving) to go a different way at the traffic lights just to confuse them. then, going down the road we were now on, we were talking about all the different ways to get home from where we now were, and she just mentioned the left turn i could take…and suddenly…i turned left (scared her a bit)…then the mp3 player stopped (random crash (of it, not the car)), so i pulled over to fix it…then off we went. Then we came a round-a-bout…after a slightly strange route, and decided to go to the village next door to our town, and so we went there, and went to the house of the person who we had followed in the first place…they weren’t there, so we went off round the bypass and home….it was a mini adventure. it is nice just to do something random once in a while…just to keep things interesting

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