When will it all end?

There are times when i just give in…

The other day our wonderful labour government announced it was looking into little black boxes that basically were built into our cars and spied on us. Well, the idea is that they see where we have been going, and more importantly what times we have been going there. Incidentally they also have other by products like catching people speeding…something that the government seems unwilling to talk about…funny that. Anyway, their grand idea is to have us not pay road tax (yay you think…but wait for it…) but to get billed per month. The bill would be constructed from all the trips we have done and encompassing all the different rates for the roads we have driven on. Yes, you did read correctly, different rates. You see the government in its wisdom has noticed that there are more people on the roads during “rush hour”…(I’m still waiting for someone to point out that’s where it gets its name from). This is due to the fact that everyone starts work about the same time and finishes about the same time. Therefore, to stop this problem they want to price us off the roads, so if we travelled to work at 2 in the morning it would be very very cheap indeed. There is a problem that i cant help but feel a need to point out. Not everyone starts work at 2 in the morning. So for those of us who can’t be bothered to go in at such a time, we either lump the cost, or use public transport. This is all well and good if the government pumps a lot of money into it. obviously, as this is the sensible thing to do, the government aren’t doing it. So what happens, well, today the train networks (well, most of them (plus the people that regulate them)) have announced that with all these extra people that we are going to see on the train networks, they are going to put the prices up the encourage people not to use the trains during…yes, you guessed it, rush hour.

Perhaps it just me, but I’m beginning to think that the public is just being sent back and forth (bit like a tennis ball (note the Wimbledon reference)). The government says not on the roads please, and the only viable option says not on the tracks please.

So we are now left with a country that has not enough money to invest in its own transport system, but yet has enough to go to war against a guy who had weapons we sold him…hmm

(on one last note, this is all to stop pollution, yet the new pricing system will not take into account engine size etc….so if you want that large, noisy, polluting car (like the Hummer H2) then it will soon be a great time to get one….)

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