Please, for the love of all things good will you just stop suing each other! Why is it that every time there is a ruling in America, someone has to be sued? It seems like it almost become the norm. I mean, in the end it does little to no good, because if you sue them, they sue you back for damages from the original sue. So you might as well put a few layers out of jobs and NOT FUCKING START! Suing never proves a point, or damages anyone other than shareholders of insurance companies (as said companies end up paying the sues anyway). In fact, because the insurance companies end up paying (if the company doesn’t have the money) there is no real punishment either. Now yes, I agree there are times when suing is a sensible course of action to pursue. These are times like when someone has invented something, copyrighted it and then another company makes money from that idea (in effect stealing that idea), so suing for damages I think is quite appropriate. However, once that sue has gone through, that’s it, no more….put an end to it.

I mean, you end up starting a blame culture if you just allow people to sue for virtually any reason (normally because they are greedy bastards). Think about it for a moment, if companies are being sued a lot (as they often do by the afore mentioned greedy bastards) then to pay for all these claims, they are going to need money. Well, that money is going to have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is most likely going to be their customers. Therefore, as the companies put up their prices, they are going to force everyone who buys things from them to pay more. Now of course this isn’t going to bother the greedy bastards as they have shed loads of money from all the suing they have done, but it may well bother our hard working customer who has done nothing but earn their decent, honest living. So now, you end up with the rather odd situation where the company is screwing the people who have chosen not to screw it, yet not screwing the people who have chosen to screw it.

I do really hope this rather stupid system doesn’t fully make its way into the UK. For the moment, cases like this are rare, but I fear they will not be for much longer.

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