Spinning around

Ok, so I have now been working in London for 4 days now. It was just this morning I found another way to adjust my chair. My chair is the coolest thing known to man (bar maybe the slinky). I can change just about anything on it. In fact, here is a list of the things I can change (note, I list both armrests because I have them set very differently):

Seat height
Seat angle (tip forward of back)
Seat back – lower back hardness
Seat back – maximum back angle
Seat back – how easily the back reclines (so speed it reclines at)
Left arm rest – height
Left arm rest – angle
Left arm rest – position to the side
Right arm rest – height
Right arm rest – angle
Right arm rest – position to the side

Obviously it has wheels and spins too.

I think I might swap it for one of the even nicer ones we have going spare actually.

Well, today I spent my time finishing off the flash based documentation/help screens I have been working on for a couple of days. It’s to support a web based application that goes live in a few weeks time. Next I move onto debugging some SQL I’m told. Something about some percentages going over 100….should be cool

I also spent some time dealing with my system account. I was setup on the wrong domain by mistake when I started (well, I did move departments, so I will let them off for that one). I put in to change domains and what they did was make me a new account on the correct domain (with all the access I need) and migrate my settings. It all went through today and worked for the most part. Only issue now is that because I had an external e-mail address when my new account was made, I now need to have that e-mail address relinquished by the old account and amended on my new account. So for the next few days I will only get internal e-mail, but I get quite enough of those as it is.

I have come to realise that e-mail is used for EVERYTHING. I have maybe had 70 e-mails in the last few days, and I’m not even in the directory yet! It turns out that the reason it is used so much is because all emails are logged for 7 years, so everything that is said or asked of people is logged. It’s a way of being more accurate than word of mouth. I can see the reasons why, but I don’t get why I have to do all the rules for my outlook configuration myself, why can’t they have a few default ones. I mean, is it really crucial that “the servers in Berlin will be down for Sunday next week” goes to the top of my main box and not some hidden place by default?

Anyway, enough of that.

I need a T-shirt that says “IT Service on call”. I seem to get phone calls and text messages at any time day or night asking for help with computers. I’m on my third this week already! I guess it has given me yet more ammo in my war against Belikn 54g routers…..

Oh, actually, to go back to the subject of work for a moment. I feel the need to boast about the fairly standard machine I’m using there as a developer. Its has a 2GHz Xeon processor (so dual core), 2GB of RAM and a Matrox card running a pair of very thin 19inch TFT’s. Installed it has almost anything I could want (all of the MS dev stuff, all of Macromedia and Adobe stuff too) and we are allowed to install what we like on them. So as soon as I have mine I will pop Firefox 1.0.7 on it. I say as soon “as I have mine” because I haven’t got one yet, but they have a spare, we just need to do the basic image first and then patch it up. I have been using the desk of one of those in Singapore at the moment for a new product roll out.

This world has its ups to go with all the downs I get. It nice to see a little justice for once.

Edit: Oh, and I just remembered something else I need to be saying…

My side hurts. It hurts rather a lot. It hurting is a tribute to how scared of spiders I am. I jumped up so quickly I pulled a muscle in my chest. Anyone who knows me well will know how fast I can move when near them, but this is just silly.

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