It’s an IT thing

I like IT people. I like them for one great attribute that seems rare these days. It’s an attribute that anyone can have and it costs nothing. It even requires no work whatsoever to acquire. They are quiet. Simple as that. They do not feel the need to shout across the room to make sure everyone hears they have just come out of meeting that will change the business forever, stand in time as a revolutionary moment in the businesses life. They just get on with the job and talk at a required level. This is the problem with other people in the city. They are big, brash, loud in order to be heard and promoted. Interestingly and rather coincidently they are also all wankers. The sort of people you would meet in the street and be glad you don’t have to see them again. They don’t just get the job done like in IT, they talk about the job, decide how important it is, argue with their alpha male attributes how each part of the job should be done etc. Then out they come from their meeting still spewing business “buzz words”. This issue has never really existed in IT. If you are good at your job then let you keep doing it and just give you different titles to get you up the pay grades. If you are crap at IT they put you out of the way in management where you do the least management. Oh how I wish all industries would be like IT (without perhaps the painful speed it moves at).

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