Home? Where’s that? BANG!

Ok, first things first, while its on my mind I have just a single link for you. behind said link is a video that requires 3 things, watching, sound and a computer…2nd two are a given and I would urge you to do the first.

Moving on. I’m beginning to wonder where I actually live. Now until very recently I would have had no trouble answering this question whatsoever. I live at home with my parents and my brothers. Simple isn’t it…. well, you would have thought so.

I have come to the conclusion I live somewhere between work, a train and a car. These seem to be the three places I spend a vast amount of my time in. Now to be fair I can add my room/bed to that list, but it is not top, and its pushing 2nd at times. I lead a life that takes me to work at some un-godly hour, has me come back at another un-godly hour and sees me leave again to go do something other than sleep.

For example, I normal Friday will see me leave the house soon after 6am and have me get back around 11pm. That of course is when everything is going well. Last Thursday saw me get up at 6am, get home at 8:15pm, leave the house again at about 8:20pm and then back at 11pm.

Now normally I can live with this rather sleepy existence given the weekends to recover. This weekend just gone was not a time for recovery at all. It involved me spending from very early till very late at my church with Thomas, Jonners and a selection of explorer scouts. You see, there was a fund raising concert which involved lots of music generally played on instruments. These instruments (nice as they were) did not really work together without something to make some of them louder. This the point where myself (and my pre-arranged team) step in and build a 3500Watt sound system (and lighting system).

To say what we achieved was impressive would just not be doing it justice. We had a fully working system using 16channels fed from a computer, a variety of microphones attached to varying instruments and a few guitars thrown in for fun (oh, and a few singers)… This system then fed back to 4 main speakers, 4 monitor speakers (with appropriate feeds relative to their position) and a computer for recording.

Myself, Thomas and Joe (one of the explorers helping) monitored levels for both live and recording for all 16 channels. That mean we were working on (including the gain) 5 levels for each of the 16 channels. Now by my calculations that’s 80 levels, which a very big number of changed maybe 30-40 times each during the concert. Not bad if you consider all this was for a band that had not fully played together until that days afternoon and using a sound system we had only put together in the morning! I was happy at the end, but interestingly also pretty dead. This may have something to do with it was me who masterminded the system and who’s head blame would rest on had it gone anything but right.

Given all of the many reasons and ways in which we could have failed I am aware of only one mistake from the 1hour40 concert. Even that was so small that I expect I’m the only one who remembers it.

Right, so job done payment in hand (large chocolate bar (currently being consumed)) we managed to leave about 11:30 I think, which wasn’t too bad at all.

What however was bad was tat I was up early the next morning to pick up the kit (all 2 cars worth) from the church at 8:30am and then dropped it off at 10. Then drive back home, pick brothers up, go to church, leave church, go to grandparents for lunch, drive back for play rehearsal, drive back to grandparents for tea, drive home again, sleep, back up at 7am for work in London at 8:45am, home at 6:15pm, tea, out again to go meet up with Jen.

And it was at this point things got interesting. Well, perhaps interesting is the wrong word, odd. We went for a drive. It was one of those drives based on nothing more than where I point the car at each junction. Suffice to say I didn’t know where I was going. That may well have explained why we ended up at a mail distribution centre (very much in it…), later a school car park and my firm favourite, a small car park in a wood. We didn’t stay long in the latter. May had something to do with as we pulled up in the car and parked we looked out the window and saw only one other car (it was about 10pm). Nothing new there then, a car in a car park late in the evening. The thing that was different here was that as we looked over at the other car we realised there were two fairly pink fleshy people inside it moving about a fair bit. The car also was pretty steamed up… We decided we best not ruin their moment much more and drove off….

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