Change of direction

First, I shall begin with a quote from my manager yesterday. At the time he was having an argument with one of the guys in the office: “how would you like to be stood at the Malaysian border, with no
clothes and a kilo of heroin strapped to your body?”

If you know my manager you know he is just the sort of person who could click his fingers and make this happen. Crossing my manager is a bad thing…

Anyway, I will try and keep this short so people actually read it.

A friend of mine from my church has fairly recently started her gap year (6months) in Malaysia and because of the wonders of technology I have set her up a blog etc which is pretty darn cool so now we have all been staying in touch with her.

Some of you may know I was planning a trip to New York over the Easter holiday, just a week on my own or something. Well I can now confirm that won’t happen, it has instead been replaced by a 10 day trip in Malaysia in March (8th – 18th). This is a bit of a change and a soding cool one at that. Basically saw something on the TV showing cheap flights there, that got me thinking, looked some up online, if you take into account accommodation then Malaysia is cheaper. This idea first came about a week ago, so I have been working very quickly with Emily through loads of emails to get this sorted. While she is out on her gap year she is doing teaching out there…. And my trip lines up with the week of school holidays they have there… So its all pretty darn perfect. Does mean however I still have lots of organising left to do.

Booked the flights yesterday, bit of drama there. Was using the machine downstairs with mum and dad and when we ran the search the prices had jumped by £200 in the last 2hours! Well, thankfully I still had a browser tab open from earlier on my machine with the prices I had seen on it. Now because they have so much in the way of terms and conditions on their site they have to have a long timeout on sessions. So I managed to pick up the old session and get the better prices because that was the price I saw first and under UK law that’s what they then have to sell for. In other words, it was fucking close and I’m pretty lucky (and a bit better off…)

Ok, already typed too much

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