So, better update this thing really.

Life has been going on (as it does you know) with not that much of note happening. One thing that has been getting some of my attention however is my final year project. As part of this project I have to keep a log of it as I go along. This being me I am doing this in the form of a blog which I will then print at the end.

This blog has been up for a little while now, but as I’m starting to make some progress I thought I would draw peoples attention to it now. For those who are interested I suggest reading the first couple of entries at least as they explain what I am trying to do in the most simple terms i feel I can muster at this point.


Project description:

I am kind of winding down for Christmas (which as per usual seems to have crept up on me again. I don’t know why it let it do this each year, it’s not like I don’t know the date). As is always the case I am disgusted at how soon some decorations have gone up. There was a house on my walk to uni which had decorations up by mid November. This is taking “too far” to a whole new level.

I myself will continue to do my best to play scrooge until i am at least not in uni but home for the holidays. Otherwise it is just not that special.

Oh, another little project I am have been working on is the new version of my gallery for my site. I won’t link to it as Google will pick that up, but if you put a “2” at the end of the current pictures link you will see it. It almost certainly won’t work very well. (well, actually, I tell a lie, it will work well, it just won’t look very good).

Right, time to go battle this damn cold or whatever it is… bring on the z’s

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