I’m a neat freak!

OK, well this I didn’t expect…

Living away from home has taught me many things. It has taught me to cook (not just muffins and cakes but real food). It has taught me to (at least try to) manage my time in a sane way. It has taught me In part to be more independent and more self sustained (although I had a fair bit of that before I moved out). However, the point I have most changed on because of living away from home is in household chores. When you live at home the place is for the most part pretty tidy and you don’t really have to do much about that, it just happens. I’m sure my mother could go into the detail of exactly how “it happened” but lets face it, it was never my fort√© .When it comes to your own room you care less. Fine, it is a bit messy, but it is not where you live, you just sleep there. When you move into somewhere shared and rented etc you have just the one room you can say is yours as such. Then all of a sudden having to clamber over 3 piles of papers isn’t just an inconvenience, it is downright annoying all the time. It simply isn’t sustainable.

In a little under one and half years I have gone from someone who didn’t mind that much about mess to someone who craves order and perfection. My room is always tidy, I am always sorting papers and checking things are in their correct place. I don’t just hoover my room, I work my way down through pretty much the whole house. If there is stuff on the drying rack by the sink I always put it away making sure it is all clean. Even my room at home is now tidy and assuming my parents don’t fill it with stuff then it remains that way.

There is a part of me that feels this change is more than a little creepy. After all, whoever heard of a tidy boy? Maybe it is just another part of growing up for me, maybe I was always a tidy person, just stuck in a more lazy body than I knew…

Maybe it is just Demelza’s influence that has brought it out… well in part at least.

On a plus side, at least I can find stuff!

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