Made of fail

Today has just been one of those days.

I have been broken the last week with what feels like one of the more vile forms of the flu and Demelza left for Italy today to go for a holiday with some friends. Both of these things suck, but not nearly as much as I have today.

This morning I have barely been able to construct a coherent discussion or argument with Nik. I have struggled all day to build sentences that, for lack of a better word, make sense.

This is liveable with if it wasn’t for the strangle mistakes and bad luck that seem to have followed me round all day.

I think this is summed up today by the trip I made to Sainsbury. Our Sainsbury’s  has a set of escalators that deal with the single story people need to go up to get to it. To allow trolleys to be taken on them, instead of the usual steps, ours is more of a set of long ramps.

As I arrived at the shops the “up ramp” was stationary so I had to walk up it. The “down ramp” was working just fine. OK, a little annoying. 10mins later and I am coming out of the shop only to be greeted by a closed “down ramp” and yup, you guessed it, a fully functional “up ramp”.

I don’t know why I bother.

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  1. jonners says:

    I am pretty sure that the title of this post is not proper English. I therefore boycott reading it.

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