Software dev needs time!

Computers in all forms are a part of everyone’s daily lives. They run our communication, our learning, our information, pretty much anything you can think of. Now not every bit of software makes 999 calls possible or directs ambulances, but all forms of software affect peoples lives in one way or another.

Yes, we know you think software should just appear and your developers are clearly not worth your time if they can’t write more than 300 lines of code a day, but perhaps you should stop and think about how much poor software could cost you.

Testing is your friend, as is not releasing it until everyone is happy.

So when you rush out that software next time, spare a thought for the un-caught exception which caused a vending machine to spit pound coins out one after another until it runs out.

Congratulations Ben & Jerry’s, your poor software has cost you money. Next time, maybe that extra time will save you some in the long run.

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