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OK, new version of Firefox came out yesterday, version 3.5. Nothing that interesting in my opinion, bit faster, uses a bit less RAM, look and feel is pretty much the same and all of my add-on’s work. Nothing that special, nothing bad, just gentle progression. To be honest, it is the kind of development I want from something I use everyday.

For those who feel like giving it a go, have a wander over here: Firefox 3.5 download

However today one of those “little features that makes the big difference” caught my eye.

Normally if I were viewing the source of a page I would see all the URI’s of all the media included in that page like the CSS files. If I then wanted to go to that CSS file I would need to select the text, copy it, go back to the browser and then paste the link into a new tab and go to it. This is a little slow but it is just second nature these days.

Enter Firefox 3.5 and below is a screenshot of what I see when I view the source on my site:


Clicking on any one of those links opens it in the source viewer!

This tiny change is a major step forward. Unfortunately there is no back button, but backspace works just as well.

All I want now is CSS code highlighting built in and we are there…

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  1. Leo Miller says:

    Saw your comment on the fastdial addon page at Firefox. Same thing happened to me. I upgraded to 3.5 and fastdial seemed to be working fine. But this morning I get the same errors as yourself.

    I can’t even remember all the sites I had in there. Oh well.

    Had any luck fixing it?


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