Down but not out

My clarinet teacher once told me that the key to practice was little and often. My retort at the time was “I’ve done the little, but not the often”.

I think it would be safe to say this rule works for many things, blogging for one.

I have been meaning to get back into keeping my online persona and blog alive for some time now, but for one reason or another other things have taken precedent.

A lot has happened to me of late and as is always the case, it is hard to know where to start.

Last time I wrote anything here I had recently moved out of the house in Brighton. I was back home living with my parents with a bit more summer still ahead of me, hunting for and applying for jobs and looking forward to a nice Holiday in France.

That holiday has since been and gone (and if the temperature in the mornings is anything to go by, fairly long gone). The job hunting has also come to an end as I am now gainfully employed by a small company called RPM.

Living arrangements have changed too. No-longer am I filling a small room at my parents house, nor do I take up far too much room in a house in Brighton. I am now living in deepest darkest west country Devon with Demelza in a nice little first floor flat.

Suffice the say in my online downtime things have been very busy. To begin with I was busy house hunting (although, as luck would have it that didn’t last long). Then I was busy with planning and taking all I could down to Cornwall to Demelza’s parents house. After that came a nice holiday and a short time to relax (although even this was filled with writing lists of things we needed to do/get). Then finally a quick trip to London and then down to Cornwall to begin my job.

During the first week of my new job we got the keys to our flat, I spent my days working and my evenings moving stuff in. Then on my first full weekend down here we moved in for good. Well, I say moved in, we did, everything else was just a big pile of stuff on the floor.

What followed was a series of trips to Ikea, Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, Argos and anywhere else you might find all the things you need when you move into a new place. The big things were, well, big, but at least we knew what we wanted. The small things took the real time, the wooden spoons, the cheese graters, the hand towels. You only ever realise you don’t have them when you need them.

All the while with this backdrop of sorting the flat came work (for both of us), sorting out of bills, more calls to the rental agency than I care to even think about. I could have written 100 blog entries on the trials and tribulations of moving in, but as is always the trouble with the interesting things in life, you are always too busy to talk about them.

Suffice to say, it isn’t all done, we have already had two visitors and still the weekends have long lists of things that need doing. We are however slowly getting through them. More importantly I feel like we are getting through them.

In other news, my computer is on its last legs, I have a new phone and the world still spins…


  1. jonners99 says:

    president eh? Maybe precedent?

  2. Craig says:

    You may well be right, damn spell checker and me no noticing…

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