The fluffy side of living together

I admit that as per usual my plans for keeping my blog up to date have not quite worked. Let’s face it, everyone is used to this by now, moving on…

Life has been too busy. It is always too busy and I wish it would stop. I know a lot of it I bring on myself and that is fair enough, but I also could do with a break. Just a chance to catch my breath.

Last weekend I went back home to Horsham (not sure if Horsham counts as home anymore… maybe I have two homes…). It was the first time I had been back since the summer. I went back for two reasons, first to tidy up and clear my room so my little brother could take it over as his own and secondly because the weekend before was Nik’s Birthday and in the time honoured tradition we were planning on going out for a meal.

Meal was good, drinks were good and still the purple rain cocktail shines on as the house favourite.

Sunday I did the epic drive back home to Devon. 5 hours 30mins non-stop. Boring and annoying, but it had to be done. Unfortunately given the length of the journey I had to leave Brighton far earlier than I wanted to. Then again, I spent nearly two years living with those guys, so it is always going to feel like I’m leaving too early.

The week that followed my trip back was not quite as I planned it. I can only assume I had been holding off illness for that trip. Almost as soon as I got back I wasn’t feeling so great. It is no great surprise, everyone around me has been on and off ill a lot of the time. It finally caught up with me and that took me out of work for 3 days. I did try and go in on the 3rd day, made it in, one meeting 2 e-mails and then back on the way home again. On a plus side that seems to have gone now.

That brought us round to the weekend. Cunning plan was to have a nice day off on the Saturday and relax a little. Unfortunately a recent discovery in our bedroom put a stop to that. Turns out when we moved into the flat there was mould in our room on the walls. At the time we didn’t realise it was this. My best guess is someone brushed the walls down to make it look more presentable. Had we known when we moved in we would have dealt with it there and then.

It had been growing behind the wardrobes and down by the side of the bed against the wall as well as around the window. Hence Saturday was spent trying to find a decent cleaner which wouldn’t stain the paintwork and Sunday morning was spent moving EVERYTHING out of our room and cleaning the walls.

Suffice to say it smells like a swimming pool in there but the stuff is dead and gone.

We haven’t yet moved our stuff back in as we are letting the room air for a while, but that was one headache we could have done without.

Maybe next weekend there will be that time to relax… I live in hope.

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