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Long time no blog, but no matter, I’m here now.

Over the last week or so I have been slotting into place a plan I have had for some time to upgrade some of the core hardware on my computer. Last night this plan culminated in me sitting down to put it all together. 4 Hours later it was done and below are the photos to prove it.

First the new case, all closed and read to go. For those interested this case is huge and detailed here: http://www.lian-li.com/v2/en/product/product06.php?pr_index=212&cl_index=1&sc_index=25&ss_index=61

Opened up there is a lot more space for cables and disks. It also has space for the PSU at the bottom which was a big part of my plan to keep good airflow around the CPU.

New PSU, CPU cooler, DVD drive and a few cables to go with it all.

This new PSU is modular (also a part of the plan to improve airflow).

PSU installed.

Front panel being done.

Front panel complete.

Old case with machine squashed inside.

Side panels removed and motherboard tray being removed. Starting to clear out the way some of the cables.

The lounge with the rebuild just starting to step up a gear as I move onto the CPU cooler.

All the bits out of the old case, CPU cooler off and CPU cleaned. Just about to put the new cooler on.

Turns out the new cooler was a tight fit to say the least. Note where I have had to cut away at some of the plastic on the fan to get the heatsinks to sit next to each other. Thankfully plastic was not important.

Harddrives mounted in new case.

Motherboard tray clipped in, as is the DVD drive. Just starting to do the power cables and alike.

All cabling complete. Not a very neat job and there is a lot of room for improvement, but at this point I just wanted to get it all and working.

Its new home (note lifted off the floor to reduce carpet dust).

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  1. Jonathan says:

    That is quite a beast of a case.

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