Let's try this again

Hello, I’m Craig and this is my blog…

Some of the more observant of you may have noticed it isn’t the most well tended to in the sphere, but I’m hoping to change that.

Back in the good old days when I had more spare time and life was less interesting I harped on chapter and verse about whatever bugged me at the time, but since becoming less of a child and more of an actual functioning member of society I seem to have transitions away from blogging.

Personally I don’t see this as a good thing and I certainly see it as something I want to change. Who knows if I will be successful, but it seems worth a shot.

To that end I feel a little catch-up is in order. Since my last real blog post the following have happened (in order):

  1. Proposed to my girlfriend
  2. Blew up the engine on our (well, technically her) car
  3. Bought a new car (my first)
  4. Went on holiday in France (and a little Switzerland)
  5. Spent epic amounts of time planning a wedding
  6. Went house hunting
  7. Had Christmas
  8. Bought a house (harder than you would think)
  9. Decorated a fair bit of said house
  10. Got married (Up to June 2011 so far)
  11. Went on our honeymoon to Athens
  12. Went to the wedding of our friends Nicola and Michael
  13. Lost my job
  14. Got a new one

Over the next little while I plan to have a proper catch-up of some of those events, but I thought I would start with the cliff notes.

For anyone actually interested, the other reason I have been so quiet for so long was because I was rebuilding my whole website from scratch, new design, new front-end code and new back-end code. It is the largest overhaul my site has had since I’ve had one. With everything else going on it took longer to do than planned (clearly). As part of this build I was putting in an admin which allowed me to post to my blog and Livejournal at the same time, categories replicated over, edits happened in both places etc. All of this took a little while, but hopefully this post will prove it works.

A new beginning? We’ll see…


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  1. Jonathan says:

    Woah you got married? Thats crazy…

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