All Change

OK, I know said I would do better at updating my blog and I know so far I keep failing, but I’ve been busy dammit! Maybe my blog is actually a really long term retirement project waiting for spare time…

To say the last few months have been a rollercoaster would not do them a shred of justice… Short version I have a new job.

Long version, the company I used to work for and worked for for over 2 and a half years went under. More to the point it was dragged under by a poor business deal which resulted in a lot of work which was never paid for. In the end the outgoings were greater than the incoming and the debts mounted to a point where there was nothing else to do but fold.

Clearly this was a very sad situation not to mention annoying. In fact this process of would the company go under actually lasted about 3 months so there was a 3rd emotion that crept in which was relief. At least we knew what was going on.

The downside was none of us really wanted to leave and we still had clients who liked us. The clear winner was to start a new company and do it right from the start. Easier said than done when you are trying to make money at the same time. This bumped along the bottom for a few months, sometimes making some real progress, but other time settling on the same mediocrity that led to the eventual death of the first company.

Then came the real beginning of the end. Shaun, one of the directors for the old company and also director for the new company got another job. Not because he wanted to but because he needed to. The new company was not brining in enough money to sustain everyone and he had an offer which he took. Originally it was belived that job would be remote and fairly short term so he would still be around to answer questions. As time moved on and he ended up in his new jobs office it became apparent he was not coming back.

As this became apparent I started looking for a new job. Without Shaun in the company my interest in staying was dropping. I was left doing his work and as the lone coder and it wasn’t fun anymore. I found a couple of jobs that looked interesting before finally having a conversation with Shaun about his new company.

A week later I had an interview which was actually more of a contract negotiation and they offered me very nice position as a seiner software engineer which I agreed to. Of course it wasn’t all plain and simple. The new job was considerably further away than where I was used to travelling. With that in mind part of my discussions the idea of remote working and they also mentioned that in the near future they are considering moving offices closer to me by upto an hour which would make my life much simpler again.

So where does this leave me. It leaves me 5 weeks into a new job, it leaves me 5 weeks into a 6 week period of travelling every day from which point I can start working from home. It leaves me sleep deprived and frustrated at not getting enough things done at home. It also leaves Demelza a little fed up with not seeing me. Most importantly however while a little painful now, I am well on the way to a much more sustainable long term career which pays me correctly for my skills. And of course I’m still working with Shaun which I do still very much enjoy.

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