Gentle Upgrades

No particular news… nothing really of note has happened… just little things.

Today’s achievement (assuming this works) means my blog should now be coming back to Facebook. As is always the case I have tried to link my site together with the on-line services I use, creating a combined set of all my data that I control. When I first started a blog in 2004 it actually started on the Livejournal service. Having used that for a couple of years I decided to buy my own site at which point I wanted to bring the blog to my site (if only so I had some content). I exported my blog and brought it on-line at my own site. I then worked on a way of automatically posting between the two. Then when I started using Facebook I found that I could link notes with a blog. Facebook actually did all the hard work for you then taking an RSS feed and just picking them up as they happened. Late last year they decided they were too cool for that and shut down the feature (in that way that they do). So if I wanted to cross post to both Livejournal and Facebook it was up to me to write something to do it… Today is (again hopefully) the first day of my plan working.

In other news the house seems to be gaining some level of order from the semi chaos. Paperwork is now all in order, the loft has been organised, the garage is basically organised to the untrained eye and the house seems pretty good. Jobs are getting done which is always nice. Still haven’t got around to painting our bedroom but maybe that will happen next weekend.

What is most impressive about all this work getting done is that I am still travelling up to near Bristol everyday, leaving the house at 6:45am and getting home 8pm generally. This is leaving me feeling very sleep deprived and very annoyed at the lack of time I have to get things done, so to have achieved anything in this time is nice. Still, roll on an office move which should give me back hours 2+ hours in my day (2 real hours plus maybe another 1 or 2 thanks to getting more sleep) and roll on working from home for a few days giving me the chance to sleep 2 days in every 5… Still, until it all happens it is just a pipe dream.

As an aside, if you have read this far it means you might care about what I say. As I have been updating the tech behind my blog I should also mean I post more often as it will be easier for me to do so… so in theory, watch this space

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