A little bit crazy!

OK, it’s official, the new job is turning me into a new kind of crazy.

Not the good kind of crazy, the kind where you have great ideas that are a bit out there but still work, not even the crazy where people just leave you to it because you seem to make things work… just the plain old please stop me from scratching out my own eyeballs crazy.

I am now entering week 12 of my preliminary 6 weeks of travelling up to Portishead everyday. I always knew the first 6 weeks was going to be right on the edge of what I can deal with in terms of boredom, sleep deprivation and just plain crazy, but this is now pushing it too far.

At week 6 I was meant to have a meeting to discuss trialling working from home. That didn’t happen. Nor has it happened when I have harked on about it. At week 12 the office is meant to have moved 1hour and 10mins closer to home for me. Does it stand a chance of moving in 3 days… not a hope. Does it stand a chance of moving in the next 6 weeks… maybe but I doubt it. Has it even been announced to the company that this is what it meant to be happening… nope.

There were two things that were very important to me when I started here, working from home and the office moving a lot closer. Neither has happened and it is affecting me now.

I think this is a good company to work for, I think I can do well here… but if promises this important to me get broken how can I trust them going forward.

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