Changing lanes

Having spent 2 years living in Brighton in the outside lane of the internet superhighway I always knew moving down to Cornwall and the West Country was going to present some frustrations. I was not disappointed if you catch my point…

In Brighton we had 50Mb/s download from Virgin Media’s cable service. In the flat in Plymouth we had 5Mb/s download on a good day and on a bad day it hardly seemed worth turning it on.

Then we moved to Saltash (other side of the river) and received much the same despite moving to BT Business (for substantially better support).

Finally after nearly 3 years of purgatory in the slow lane we have finally been allowed back in the outside lane. All 70Mb/s of it that is. I almost forgot what it was like having an internet connection you don’t have to wait for. Multiple streams of high definition video is a start, but then combine that with services like Google maps where the maps don’t “load”, they’re just “there” and you start to remember what you missed. It is worth noting the upload is not where I think it should be and I will be contacting BT about that, but it is still a metric ton faster than anything else I’ve had.

New internet connection speed test

Even I with my job sometimes forget all the benefits speeds like this could bring when delivered to every household up and down the country. Why the government isn’t really pushing this tech as fast as is possible I will never understand. (Oh wait, too busy busting a gut to get HS2 out the door before we don’t need it from all the telecommuting).

All I can really say to sum this up is the country could not have these sorts of speeds fast enough.

As an aside it is also worth mentioning that Virgin media do actually provide their 50Mb/s service in both Plymouth and Saltash (unusually), however both the places we lived in were developments newer than virgin buying the network and as far as I can tell despite golden opportunities to put in new cable Virgin seem quite content making their existing network ever faster while failing to expand it. More fool them I say.

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