New computer build

Last weekend I finally got around to updating the core internals of my machine. I normally follow a tick tock upgrade model where I do a major upgrade and then a minor. After the minor of new case, PSU and CPU cooler of last time this was the more substantial upgrade of the CPU, motherboard, RAM and the addition of an SSD. I decided there was little point in doing graphics this time as I’m no gamer and I had all I needed.

This first photo is simple for scale. The bottle is a 500ml one. This was the machine as it was before I started work on it.

This is the back of the machine as it was.

And all opened up ready for me to start taking things out and cleaning them.

This is having emptied the TV card (which I really had forgotten was in there and explains why I couldn’t find that for my dad recently), graphics cards and the motherboard tray. The whole process of removing all the old components and cleaning them took about 45mins.

This is now mid build. You can see all the old disks lined up on the right, the old motherboard setup at the top and the new one at the front about to have the CPU cooler on it.

A closeup of the CPU (Intel i7 Ivybridge 3770k)

Now with the CPU, cooler and RAM (all 32GB of it) in place.

This time round I wanted to do a bit of a better job regarding the cables. While this case is huge and really air flow is never an issue, I wanted to try. In fact the hardest thing about this case is the sheer length of some of the cable runs needed. At this point all the drives were in place (note the one mechanical left out (This was the last of the 160GB drives from my original machine)) and I was just starting the back cable runs.

Motherboard tray in place and basic motherboard power.

A closeup of all the front panel connectors on the motherboard.

All the drives in place. Top to bottom: 128GB SSD, 320GB, 250GB, 250GB, 1TB.

Build basically done. Drive cables a little messy, but all out the way and actually not as bad as they look here. Both graphics cards in place at this point. When I finally booted the machine up it seems I killed one of them. It certainly wasn’t working. For the time being my 3rd monitor is using the on-board graphics which is actually pretty good

More detail of the drives showing the cables a bit more out the way.

And finally the rear of the machine.

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