Need For Speed

Recently I wrote that I had finally changed lanes on the broadband superhighway and this was as to be expected, great. However there was a little bit of a nagging issue over (rather unusually) the upload speed. The download speed of 65-70Meg was great, no issues there, but the upload speed of 1.5Meg up ish was a little less than the more like 10 I was promised.

With this in mind I called BT to ask what gives. What follows is the call/event log I kept during the issue.

Friday 18th May – Fibre installed.

Friday 1st June – Engineer came out, was told the engineer wouldn’t need to visit the house, he came to the house, called and then left as no-one was in.

Tuesday 5th June – Engineer called, saw 2000k upload, agreed the issue was not here, asked for a profile reset to happen

Friday 8th June – Profile reset meant to have happened, no change. Told I had to wait 10 days for speed to come up (never did)

Sunday 10th June – case was re-opened not by me but BT.

Tuesday 12th June – Spoke to BT and they told me they needed to send another engineer

Saturday 16th June – Engineer came round and confirmed same issue.

Sunday 17th June – BT tech support started to raise issue further, started talking to Iain.

Monday 18th June – Daily updates from Iain (no change)

Tuesday 19th June – Daily updates from Iain (no change)

Wednesday 20th June – Daily updates from Iain (no change)

Saturday 23rd June – Engineer tried to come round, was out (were never asked if this call would be OK). Engineer also confirmed same issue at the cabinet.

Sunday 24th June – Spoke to tech support who went away and then told me the profile had been reset and it would take 24hours

Monday 25th June – After 24hours no change, spoke to Iain and he is pushing the issue again.

Tuesday 26th June – Text from BT saying the issue has been closed. No speed change as yet.

Wednesday 27th June – Called to confirm issue not closed. BT confirm this and it is still being chased.

Saturday 30th June – Morning – Spoke to tech, no progress, they are going to try and chase and ring back between 9pm and 12pm

Saturday 30th June – Evening – They have said they need to send an engineer to try a reset of the profile from the cabinet, if that fails then engineer will do a lift and shift. Their calendar was not working to book one in, said they would ring back, didn’t.

Sunday 1st July – They decided we don’t need an engineer visit to the house and are sending one to the exchange. They also claim that they will do a lift and shift “if needed”. I don’t hold out much hope.

Tuesday 3rd July – Call-back in the evening asking if there was a change. Speed test confirms slightly faster upload but nothing amazing and certainly not fixed. They are going to ring tomorrow when the exchange engineer should have visited.

Thursday 5th July – Called at 9:30am. They said an engineer should have called at the exchange on the 3rd so they are going to ask them what happened. Going to call back in half an hour.

Friday 6th July – Late evening, called for an updated as the last one failed to ring back. Seems their systems are still having issues, going to get someone to ring back on the Saturday. Suggests a lift and shift might not do it, may need a cease and re-setup

Sunday 8th July – No call back on the Saturday (massive surprise). Called first thing and asked for an update. Said they would get a support engineer out (open reach) to the exchange.

Monday 9th July – Signs of progress, upload seems to have gone up to 4-5Meg

Tuesday 10th July – Call from BT saying the work had been completed and to let them know if the issue was still there. They completed a lift and shift.

Wednesday 11th July – Upload speeds now at around the 7-8Meg.

For those not counting that is 7 engineers (1 install, 2 exchange, 2 failed (although one of them then went to the exchange) and 2 to confirm the error.

Total time to resolve the issue was 40 days.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m only kinda complaining. BT did say this was a very unusual issue from day one. Most of them had real trouble comprehending that this was an upload speed issue and not a download issue. The tech’s I spoke to were bar one all very good and helpful. The biggest issue during the whole process was BT’s internal communication between the tech teams and their engineers. Everyone understood the problems they saw, but every time new things about the issue were learnt there was trouble getting that information back to the right people.

All in all I am happy the issue is solved, and after maybe a 5min call they agreed to give me 3 months free service for my troubles, so all’s well that ends well…

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