False economy

After recently writing about how I’m not always sure energy saving is always worth it I was reminded of an example of someone getting it very very wrong.

Several years ago when living in Brighton I was in a Superdrug store. It was the middle of the summer and it was pretty warm outside. They had signs up at the entrance to the store saying their air conditioning was not working and they were sorry for the heat.

Inside the store is was absolutely roasting, much hotter than outside. Around the store they had portable air conditioning units spread all over the place. Probably about 10 in total.

The real kicker though was these units did not have external exhausts. So while pushing cold air out the front they were pushing hot air out the back. What I love about this is with the extra heat generated by the device itself unless my basic understanding of physics is wrong they were actually spending a huge amount of money heating the place.

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