The mind

Isn’t it quite amazing what comes out of the brain when you let it slip in to neutral, when you allow it just that little bit of freedom it so yearns for. It continuously tries to make sense of a world this is so famously without logic or reason. I suppose it’s like a mathematician tying to devise an equation for love. It simply can’t be done, but that doesn’t stop them trying. The brain seems to look for a reason for everything. An apple fell on my head…hmm what is this that caused that, I know, it’s a magical force that we can’t see. Well now it’s obvious that it’s gravity, a force that is know, accepted and measured, but back in the day when an apple first crossed Newton’s path, this was an alien concept. What caused his brain to devise a later proven magical force? Why was it that apple that did it? Why not another? He must of seen so many things fall from the sky, the table, a tree, but what was it about his mind that made that one click on something. Why is it I’m so curious? I hate to leave you with unanswered questions but when I started typing I had no idea that I was going to end up on the subject of gravity, so perhaps it would be interesting to know what led my mind to it?

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