A load of food for thought

Humour. It’s an odd thing really. What makes some people find something funny, and other, not only do they not find it funny, they don’t even get it? How can you define humour. Is it just something that makes you laugh? What is laughing anyway, is it just you body telling you that you are beyond help? I always heard it was I sign of stress, so then why do we do it when we are not stressed as well. Perhaps we are stressed all the time and we just don’t notice it much? People tell me I think too much. In fact, actually, I think it’s only Craig Ackland, so really, its not “people tell me I think too much” it’s “a person tells me I think too much”. Maybe I do, that would explain the last couple of pages, but can you ever think too much? Isn’t the human race just naturally curious. This is why when there is a car accident or something like that, even when there is no disruption to the road, and it is clear, there is always a queue. It’s because people have slowed down to have look. We just seem to want to take a good look at other misfortune. Perhaps this is so that in the future, we may avoid such an incident. Maybe this has come from our early beginnings when we were just looking to go forth, multiply, and survive. But then we are back to the humour. Isn’t there the sick joke, or satanical humour? (Well, I know there is, it was a rhetorical question). If so, it can’t just be that we are looking to ensure we avoid such an incident, maybe it’s because we actually enjoy seeing others suffer. This might also explain the nation’s fascination with the soap opera. The chance to see your favourite characters every week fall in to some kind of mortal danger, you get to see hundreds upon hundreds of them kick the bucket in ever more fanciful ways. To quickly return to my earlier gripe with the spell checker, it now also doesn’t like the word “satanical”, I’m sure this is a word. I have just this second looked in my Collins dictionary (and no, they don’t sponsor me! (I wish!)) And according to that, it is a word. So I hereby launch my complaint to Microsoft that such an important word to the English language has not bee included in their dictionary.
This has just reminded me of a story that somewhat concerned me recently. The English Navy now has a Satanist aboard one of its submarines. This in itself is bad enough, but a judge has ruled allowing him to carry out satanic rituals whilst serving. This is in the same way that members of the Royal Navy are allowed to have time to pray etc. Now in all for equality, but what the hell (poor joke) is a Satanist doing aboard a British Navy submarine. Was the judge not aware of the problems this could lead too? “well, you said I could carry out my rituals, well, its part of my religion to sacrifice the odd person now and then, you know, just to keep Satan happy an all” What has the world come to?
As I way typing that last passage I became more and more frustrated with that good old corner stone of modern society, Microsoft Word™. When I typed the word “Satan” without a capital “s” at the start, It put that little red line under it indicating it was spelt wrong. However when I changed the “s” to a capital, then away went my friend the red line, indicating it was now spelt correctly. Now unless I’m very much mistaken, I haven’t changed the spelling (please do correct me if I’m wrong). If anything, the green line should have been used indication a problem with the grammar, but no, good old Microsoft common sense strikes again! This later happened with another word, “British”. Now you would have thought that I package like Word would be able to rectify this simple mistake for me, it’s not much to ask, to capitalise a letter is it. Well, it appears this is dependant upon the word. If you type the word Microsoft, then suddenly, before your very eyes, the capitalisation of the first letter, funny that!

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