bloody idiots – should all be shot

Right…this is a reply to a person known as Doubble Dutch on this forum here.
It is a reference to this post….the one at the top of the page

By reading your post, it is quite easy to tell that you are an American. Not only do you talk crap, but you complain about something you use. Have you noticed that so far (14/02/2005) you have not a single person siding with you! I love seeing those who think they are so smart fall flat on there arses. And what an arse you have to behold…it is quite astonishing quite how much excrement protrudes from within it. The English language is the most widely spoken language in the world by quite a way, and is soon to become the language spoken by the most number of people (second only to Chinese and this is debatable as there are thousands of different dialects in Chinese, many of which are so different, they are virtually unrecognisable). If you were to take in to account people first and second languages then you would soon discover that it is more than just popular…it is considered the language of the world. Now I agree that some of this is down to the English empire of the Victorian age, but a language cant just become this universal without being quite good. Its is also considered the most widely descriptive language in the world. Now, to those who use the example of Eskimos to counter me…please bear in mind that they may well have 24 different words for snow, but, that is just one thing, the rest of the language is very bland (and before you ask, I have done my research, so I know). The wonderful thing about this language is that it allows such great description. For example…. Stairs are inside, steps are outside, except when there are several, when they are then called steps. A single step, is called a step, not a stair, even when it is inside. You can of course have steps inside as well, but these are again normally when there are a few, and normally between rooms, not between floors.

This is just an example of how great it can be, if used correctly. When used correctly, it leaves nothing to interpretation, so, if used properly, it is not possible to misunderstand someone, so it takes away ambiguity, which makes it the best language in the world, as the point of language is to communicate a point or idea.
Anyway, to the next point in hand….you said “Classical Russian poetry outsells its Americian (you typoed the name of your own county! What a prick) equivalent over 40 times”. Anyway, America doesn’t have a equivalent to Classical Russian poetry, America is far to young to be even close…..as has been pointed out so many times before, America has no history, let alone any good linguists.

Next….” Written Arabic has passed unchanged to the entire middle east since the writing of the Koran, even today it is a travesty to soil it with forgein words or the common tounge”. I love the way this person proves what a prick they are with there very own words. The reason it is considered a “travesty” is because it is the holly language, which is no longer spoken…as pointed out that there is a “common tongue”…some people.

Ah yes…what a point you made here…” Modern American rap is 5 minutes of undecipherable crud”….firstly, ALL rap is crap, and secondly, how has this point helped your point…as has been pointed out later in the page, it is dependant on what language the rap is in…if you have heard rap in French…which I have….i can asure you….you would never say another bad thing about English rap!

Now here you managed to sum up your intelligence….” Modern English academic works are incomprehensible passages of gibberish and complex jargon”. If this is the case, then you must just be stupid…simple as that…I understand them, and I’m hardly a genius!

Ah, and to the next point “President Bush got elected despite the fact that he’d probbably fail a second grade reading examination [‘but me are learning’]” Now this one is a real cracker….you spelt probably with two b’s….what a prick! And then you go on to say “but me are learning”…well by this evidence, you haven’t!. (and just in case these words were spelt incorrectly deliberately, well, then you also need to learn to be consistent, as later in you post you pointed out that the mistakes were deliberate!)

“Truly English is a language loathed by all its speakers” wrong again fool…everyone so far on you forum thinks your wrong…so again, its just you….go on loner….fuck off!

“Anyone who attempts to write or speak grammatically correctly is some kind of stuck up showoff” well, again, your just wrong, and you know it! As I pointed out earlier, language is to put across a point, and it has to be correct to do so. If these grammatical rules were not needed, then they wouldn’t be there, fool!

Oh and what a quote you found…(I would say you made it up, but the point it tries to get across is not one the likes of you could ever comprehend). Well, here it is…” According to a modern report ‘shcool should focus on provyding texts to studnts that ar consistntly mispelt, as this wil allow them to see the nonlinerity of langage and the diversty of other cultures.'”. well, this is bolocks…people need to see correct use of their language to allow them to get it right themselves….then I wouldn’t have to even post things like this to people who don’t understand the language they use…poorly! Then you followed it up with “Yes, those were the origional spelling mistaikes, and they were inserted in the entire repot to illustrate the point”. To be honest, I’m not sure if you meant to miss spell original, mistakes, and report!

And now we come to you signature…well, this was a pure stroke of genius! “98% of teens have tried smoking pot and drinking. If you’re normal, copy this and put it in your Signature” well, if your normal, then you would find a better one, something more original instead of copying some crap written by a poorly educated American


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