Belbin Test

I recently did something called the Belbin test. This was devised by a bloke called Meredith Belbin and was first suggested in a book which he published called “Management Teams“. He decided upon 8 types of people that were needed to make up a good team, and a good team must contain all these types to function properly. These types are quite separate, so most people find themselves being a mix of several, although, not normally more than three. I came out to be very strong in the direction of a “plant”. This apparently means im an ideas man. I’m also a bit of an “Implementer”, which means I get things going, but am not quite so good at the finishing……I would like to point out that im writing this from memory, so im not fully sure……except i defiantly was a strong plant. If you would like to test yourself then you can find the test on Belbins wedbsite, although unfortunatly you will have to pay.

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