Lights! Sound! err, sound? sod it, ACTION!

Oh how I hate those who just haven’t a clue.

I was asked several weeks ago if I could record a concert being held in my local church. I naturally said yes. The group performing the concert had brought their own sound system. They were quite justified in doing so too. They were using around 30mics, and most places don’t have 40+ channel mixers to hand.

What they did not bring with them however was someone who knew how to use it. The “sound engineer” they did bring knew how to operate it, but that’s a different thing. It took her 20minutes or more to work out which of the mics was the cause of a feedback loop. Interestingly I had noticed this one developing long before she did. In fact, she took so long working it out, I actually had time to walk across the town centre and back and return just in time to witness the cogs whir. Now this I find quite appalling. This problem could have been solved through process of elimination 30+ times over in the time it took her to work out. I might also add that the fault only occurred when she boosted the gain on ONE of the mics! How hard can it be to put two and two together. Not to mention this mic happened to be right next to a monitor speaker. I didn’t think silver platter got much bigger than this one.

Drummers seem to have two settings. On and off. I have yet to come across a drummer who is actually the right level. I have lost count of the number of times I have come on stage during a rehearsal and threatened the life of the drummer if he does not play quieter. They do not notice that they are drowning everyone else out and making things sound crap. They also seem to forget that the sound system can make them louder, but not quieter, so they have to play quietly and then allow/trust me to keep them at the right level. But no, they think they no best. Too many times have I watched an over enthusiastic drummer piss over everyone else’s performance.

In recent news:

– My website is coming on in leaps and bounds. Almost 400lines of very well thought out (almost too secure) code down, god knows how many more to follow, but at least I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

– My fame seems to be spreading as an “all things backstage related” man. I have been asked to rig and run the lights for one of the biggest amateur drama groups in the area. Nice to know I’m noticed every now and then.

– Phoned up the tax office to begin the log and arduous task of reclaiming my tax from the last tax year. I was on the wrong tax code, and so the government took a lot more money than they should have. It turns out I don’t exist. Not by name or number. This does at least have one plus side effect, I’m not mad, you are. You’re the ones who have been talking to a non-entity, not me.

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