Evil route

And now the time has come for me to introduce to a band you may not have heard of before. Well, I hadn’t heard of them before about a week ago. Perhaps I’m not introducing them to you at all, perhaps you have seen what I want to show you, perhaps this is yet another waste of my time, perhaps…..hmm, ok, so there are limited things I can say.

Ok, so perhaps it doesn’t hurt, in fact, there was no reason to brace yourself at all, but its not like anyone did. Heh, what would the world be coming to if people actually listen to me….mad I tell you, mad.

Anyway, to the matter in hand. The band is called Interpol and the first song of theirs I came across of theirs was called “evil”.

Now the reason I love the above video is because it combines a really good song with the worlds coolest puppet. I like it because I was never quite sure if I did or not to start with.

More of their stuff can be found here.

And on with the rest of the days news:

Went over to someone’s house yesterday evening on the premise that they were having trouble with their ADSL router. They used to have a USB one, but they wanted wireless, so had got this little (when I say little, it was far bigger than needed) Belkin box. Now all was reassembly straight forward and after a few mins of looking in the manual an IP and password were located. Connection details go in….and we wait and wait and wait and wait….and still the silly thing didn’t connect. Then just as I was about to reboot the bugger, it connected. It took so long…longer than I have ever seen one take. Now I don’t know if this was down to the ISP or the bugger, but I didn’t care, they were online.

Now, on with the security. There was a laptop going at the time as well, so it was simple to test the wireless. So first things first, I changed the SSID. Ok, laptop still connects, fine. Next thing to go was the “Unsecured” bit. I had the owner put in a nice little key for the WPA-PSK (tkip). And now the laptop decides it doesn’t want to connect. I go through all the settings that could possibly stop it connecting, all it fine. Hmm, fine then, time to add a different layer of security. I go back into the router via the desktop (which is using a LAN port on the back) and set to work on the MAC filtering. So I pop the laptop in the list and reboot the router (well, I tell a lie, it rebooted, without asking me). When it comes back up, I can’t get into it. Nor can the laptop, but that couldn’t before. So it transpires that the MAC filtering also applies to the 4 LAN ports on the back of the device as well as the wireless. Oh joy of joys, I had locked myself out.

Now call me stupid, but why does the MAC filtering need to apply to the LAN ports. It’s not like someone can plug in without you noticing. Now do bear in mind this was home kit, not enterprise. I was so pissed off as it then required a reset and a re-configure.

Guess I should get on with some work now. ho hum

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