Busy, but never too busy to avoid work

Action surpasses information. That was the valuable lesson learnt yesterday evening during the Mission Impossible 3 film. The film was fairly stunning, but like so many films at current the director had opted to shoot much of it using handheld cameras to make the viewer feel more “involved”. The effect is impressive, if not a little annoying. It gives the impression of being there, but I don’t want to be there, I want to know what’s going on. You really need to keep your eyes open the whole time during any action sequence. I’m sure its just a fad and it will pass.

Speaking of action, the last few days have filled with a few spots that would make your hardcore car spotter wet themselves with glee. On Wednesdays I saw a £400k Koenigsegg going the other way down the road. On Thursday I then saw a Ford GT which I think they only made about 40 of and is the same car Jeremy Clarkson has (although it wasn’t his). The final one on the list was then on Friday, whilst walking back from the train station I saw a stretched Hummer H2, which is rare to say the least. It looked just like this one.

Of course spotting cars is not all I have done all week, but it is the most interesting for the most part. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have had exams, and I have a further 2 next week to complete the set. I did however take a little break from work (well, a longer than normal break) to go visit down in Brighton.

It was during that visit he informed me that I should be putting a post with his photo meme in it. So here goes:

Photo Meme: Tell me up to three things you want me to take a picture of and I’ll post them in my journal.

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