Note to all joggers: If I walk passed you, it’s time to stop and go back inside.
Note to all cats: making yourself look 4 inches taller doesn’t scare me.
Note to the girl who just asked me if I wanted a burger: no, not if you cooked them dear.
Note to self: go to the toilet before the 3 hour exam.

Ok, rather momentous day. I have finally finished my exams, and with that my second year of my degree. As is always the case, I had the worst exam saved up until last. Oh how I looked forward to Systems analysis and design…..like hell.

That said, it actually wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had convinced myself it was going to be, so things went as well as they could. Man I love making points in my blogs that mean nothing and help no-one.

I think a fair amount of my concern stemmed from a note written on (and well worn into) one of my exam tables during my databases exam. It read “I failed Systems analysis and design here 24/04/93”. And who says exams get easier over time….

In the general panic stricken revision sessions a group of us have been “putting on” prior to exams we managed a fair amount of revision, but we also came up with some good ideas. We thought about exam orientated t-shirt slogans. For example, for the marketing exam a t-shirt with a “porters 5 forces diagram” on it….what are they going to do…tell us to take it off 😛 (well, actually make us not sit the exam, so don’t point out my flawed logic).

My suggestion for today was one that read “I’m going to fail this exam” on the front, and then on the back “but I’m going to take you with me”. It strikes me as the suicide bomber special now that I think about it.

Now that I have nothing to do for a few weeks before I start at Merrill Lynch, I hope to be able to make a few more entries. I won’t, but I hope to and that’s what counts.

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