Long way to go yet

What happens when you search “Firefox” on your computer. Well for me I find a few files, 103 in fact, but I got fed up of waiting for the search after 10mins).

I have the following:

Version 1.5 windows install
Version 1.0.6 beta windows install
Version 1.0.1 windows install
Something called portable firefox
Version 0.92 windows install
Version 1.0 windows install
Version 1.0.6 windows install
Version 0.9.2 windows install
Version 1.0PR windows install
Version 1.0.4 source
Version 1.0.4 Linux installer
Version 0.9.1 Linux installer
Version 0.9.3 Linux installer
Version 0.9.3 windows installer
Several exe’s without version numbers

I think I have been using Firefox for a while now

Do you know the urge to jump? You know that feeling when you are quite high (say 40 feet) and there is a little feeling in your head telling you to jump? Now I know its not just me (well, either that or all my friends are nuts too (hmm, ok, perhaps I am nuts)). There is this little part of me that wonders what it would be like, could I make it, how much would it hurt.

To me the sheer concept of such thoughts bother/confuse me. Anyone who has spent any great length of time with me or who has been camping with me will know I have two fears. One being heights and the other being spiders.

Now admittedly of these two fears, heights is the one I tackle head on with the likes of rocking climbing, abseiling and alike. If you see me going near a spider, call an ambulance, I must have gone nuts.

But even with my attitude to my fear of heights I find this feeling a somewhat strange one to contest with. Although my brain quite happily tells me to sit, stay and don’t do anything stupid there is still this part of my contradicting it. As by the fact I have not suffered massive trauma to my legs in the form of a break you may have guessed that my brain has won all battles as yet.

I have it on good authority that the current theory for why we have this urge to jump stems back from when we lives in the tree’s. It’s your subconscious weighing up if you can make the jump to the next branch.

It would be a good experiment one day to see if my estimates were right, although not until they have worked out how to restore broken legs to their full former glory, and invented really cool painkillers.

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