Time has come

The problem with blogs (or journals) is that they are at their most interesting when you have something to say. When you have something to say you are normally doing something to give you cause. That something is normally making you busy hence you have no time to write about it.

Now we have the situation which is no end of trouble. It leads to shit, boring entries that go nowhere. I should have something to say but the moment I started to write this my mind went blank of all the things I have done recently that are journal worthy.

In recent weeks I have been tidying up loose ends and preparing myself for my new placement at Merrill Lynch.

This has meant more than just buying a few clothes, this has meant doing all the things that I wanted to get done soon now as I don’t know how much free time I shall have.

The first of these is the geeky one so I shall get it out of the way first.

I upgraded and reinstalled my computer. This meant going up to 2GB of RAM and 820GB of disk space (although only 520 can be used due to RAID). For this I had help from my glamour’s assistant. The task was simple. Make backups, wipe disk, add RAM and disks, partition disks, install Windows, install Fedora, put data back. Was it that simple? Was it hell…..

I’m not going to go into details but I had trouble with RAM, SATA drivers, audio connectors, boot loaders, pretty much the works. I installed XP maybe 8 times in 3 days.

I can report that it is mostly working and is now at the stage many of my projects stay at. It mostly done, just a few little odd bits here and there to sort out then I’m done. So I think we can call this the “1 year install” then, because I will just never find the time to finish it.

Ok, non computer people can start reading again now.

Of course one of the things that goes with starting a full time job is that you have to give up any part-time ones. For me this meant I had to stop working at the primary school where I’m their “technician”. As such I have done maybe 800% the hours I would normally do this week to leave their system in a state where it can manage until the end of term. My replacement doesn’t start until September.

I have finally sorted the school laptops (second hand) into good and bad piles. So the bad pile got ripped apart for spares to eek out the lives of the good pile. For this reason this photo exists.

On the Wednesday of this week I went shopping up in London with my friend George (sorry, no image for him online yet). I spent the grand total of £300 on 7 shirts, 5 ties, 2 pairs of trousers and a pair of cufflinks. I do at least feel like it was money well spent as it brings my wardrobe up to more the standard of my future colleges.

This rather neatly bring me onto tomorrow. Tomorrow (well, fast approaching today) is the big day on which I start. I have to be there at 10am which is a nice realistic number for their part, but it still means getting up at a time I have deemed only useful for emails, news and eating

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