Training takes time.

Yeeeash is hot in here, must be in hell. No, wait, no Nissan Micras or Smart cars, can’t be hell. Ah, heat wave, I knew it was something like that.

Hottest July day since 1911 apparently. This was made very apparent when I left the cool of the office air conditioning for the dash to the train. It hit me like a wall of rather hot air and it wasn’t overly pleasant.

London is never a nice place to be when i’ts hot. Any geographer will tell you that cities are always hotter than the country because of the sheer volume of concrete which radiates heat all day. I was mildly relived though safe in the knowledge that my train would have air con also. Getting to my train however was quite a task.

The British rail network is a strange beast brought up through years of neglect and with old half-baked technology which not makes up the core structure. Perhaps it was this core that was to blame for the platform number finally appearing for my train 40 seconds after it had left the station. I bet that train left a bit empty. Always, like any good commuter I have several backup trains times in my head. This time I decided to take a guess at the platform as apposed to wait for the all singing, all dancing (fucking useless) sign to tell me. Off I dashed along with the thousands of others all cramped into the same small square that is London bridge station.

Why is it people just have to stop mid stride, put down their bags and look up aimlessly WHEN THERE ARE FIFTY PEOPLE BEHIND THEM. So after eating the bastard that didn’t that I moved on. I was correct about platform number (human brain: 1, computer 0) and did at least make that train. Obviously the other train only my journey was delayed by 15mins or so. They did announce why, but I don’t care, they seem to have a message (excuse) for every eventuality.

Thinking about it the trains pissed me off even before that today. This Friday coming there was going to be a big rail strike. Our team at worked had already put plans together and we had already worked out how we were all going to work from home (bar two who were having the company pay for a taxi to get them home). It was going to be a good day and I was looking forward to it. It was going to mean a 2 hour lie in and unfiltered internet. Typical bloody unions, they averted the strike didn’t they.

Internet explorer showed yet another facet of its lunacy today. I opened a 3000 line XML file in it and it told me there was an error on line 2362. It was close, the error was in fact 300ish lines on from that, I will let you guess how long that took me to find. The error was there was an “Ž” when it should have been an “Z”.

Oh, while on the train I happened to read one of the headlines on someone newspaper. It read “wealthy children more prone to cancer”. Now is it me or is shit a load of shite. Last time I looked there were so many reasons for cancer that there is no way you can rationalise them into statements like that. Similarly to the time a few years ago when one week we were told fatty foods could increase your chance of getting cancer, and the following week were told salads could increase your chance of getting cancer. What they really mean is that of the minute sample of the population we have used to get these figures, they showed that 1% of the people who got cancer had 3p more than everyone else. Oh aren’t scientists good at producing number that done help to a population that doesn’t care.
In other news, I have passed my second year at Uni. Grades were spread about how I expected them to be (straight A’s in web application development and a D for systems analysis and design etc. The rest were mainly at the top end of that spectrum.). This at least means I don’t have to think about that anymore as that’s 2 down, 1 to go. Not that they matter anyway, they are worth something like 5% of my total degree (or maybe it was 10%).

Ah, one last thing. How do teenage girls between the age of 14 and 18 make it any further? I know I’m generalising, I don’t care, I have to to make it all fit in my head. I suppose I am specifically talking about girls of that age in collective groups (i.e. more than 1 of them). I watched as I got of the train a girl of about 16 run across right in front of a car (which should would have seen) to her friend whilst giggling and screaming like she was surprised it was still moving. How fucking thick do you have to be to do this. It not the first time I have seen this and it will not be the last. It almost seemed like the giggling was almost a defence mechanism.

Another example of this level of stupidity was when I was on a residential weekend 3 years ago. The boy were on the ground floor and the girls on the 1st floor. The fire bell when off (falsely, but unknown at the time) at 1 in the morning. Within 60seconds (I kid you not) every boy was outside, almost all had managed to put a reasonable number had put some clothes on and many had phones, keys and other valuables on them.

After about 5 minutes one girl crept down (fire bell still going) in her dressing gown. It turned out they had been having a little discussion up there about if they should come down. It’s a fucking fire bell, you don’t wait, you move. Especially when that is the first night you have stayed there and you don’t know of any odd systems.

I know boys do things like this too, but I still find that boys have a considerably better grasp of self perseveration than most girls.

You almost think fate should take its course with the people. If you are like that ages 16-17 here is no hope for you.

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