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Why is we have to censor whatever we say just incase someone else might be stupid enough to not understand or do something silly with our ideas? For example, how many times do you hear the phrase “it’s just a suggestion, take it or leave it, it’s up to you”? It seems for every idea, every thought every spark of imagination there is a clause to make sure we are not at fault. Is this just part of us as people or is this a feature built-in over time given the shocking misuse of ideas in the past? I suppose it relates a bit to my points on Beta. People need to understand that not everything is correct, not every idea will work first time. After all we are all only human. If people are too stupid to grasp this concept then I propose natural selection should run its course and be done with them. Why prolong the agony and the pain for everyone else?

People also avoid making decisions to ensure they can’t be blamed. This makes for rather meaningless people, as what are we without the choices we make. That’s sounds like something out of the Matrix…

I stumbled upon this article on the BBC news section today:


The bit that really got me was “There remains an economic need for more graduates, and to achieve this we need a more representative student population”. Now last time I looked to call someone a student is like saying I’m tall. It has no bearing on how smart I am and what my skills are (bar maybe high jump). It also gives no indication to how I would survive outside the education system in this countries increasingly tertiary, quaternary and even quinary businesses. For some strange reason many moons ago the government noticed that all the people with degrees made all the money. Now this is back in the day when maybe 2% o the countries population had degrees. This is because these people worked at the top end of the profitable companies and had to be very smart to get there. So the government though “why not get everyone to have a degree, then they would all earn lots of money”. Now here we have an issue. If everyone has a degree, unless everyone in that country is smarter than the rest of the world (which they aren’t) then there is still no more money to share around. All it achieves is it devalues the degree as its standards have to be lowered to get everyone into the Universities and requires it as a standard qualification for most jobs.

Now to me this is a bit of a stupid idea, but who am I to judge the all mighty decisions of governments, I am merely a minion to make them money…

If people were allowed to do qualifications and training based on aptitude then perhaps we would have more workers to drive the trains, recycle the rubbish, build the houses and so on. Then everyone could be paid the same because each it working to the best of their abilities, whether that be with money of rubbish. That would be one big step forward to a utopian society.

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