Perhaps they should wonder why they need the weapons….

Ok, I’m literally fuming over an article I have just read. Well, it’s not even the whole article, it’s a single line of it that has irked me into typing almost instantly.

The article is this one on the American military’s new idea for a way to re-arm its planes whilst in the air: http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/dn9615

According to this article (which I have no reason to disbelieve) the patent being submitted gives a clue as to why they are working on such an idea. It reads “The nations of Europe, for example, lying closer as they do to areas of turmoil such as the Middle East, are often reluctant to take hard stances against terrorists who lie within an automobile ride from their borders”.

Now this comes at a time when in my head I am having one of my “pissed off with America” times. I do these every now and again, normally triggered by me reading about yet another things being done in the states that I disagree with. Here though it is pushing me over the edge. It talks about reluctance like its clear cut they should be blowing the shit out of everywhere with too many Z’s and Q’s in the name. It’s this general vibe of superiority that the country gives off that really winds me up. I just don’t understand how they have been allowed to get this far.

I suppose I better explain why I am so annoyed. Yesterday I had an argument with an American over the US’s involvement in the UN. I am one of those that say the US should be thrown out of the UN. I do not see what right they have to prance about like they own it when they disobey every ruling and law put forward by the UN. Then of course Americans as a whole say how useless the UN is because it has no power blah blah blah. WTF? It has as much power as you let it. If the US took it seriously then it would have the power it required to make the real changes it should be capable of.

I constantly live in hope that one day the “worlds biggest super power” will wake up to the double standards it lives by on a daily basis and either fall on its knees and beg, or fall, kicking and screaming the whole way down.

– one mightily pissed off blogger

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