Time to move on

I think it would be safe to say that I’m a bit of a technophile. To prove so I have a picture to show my complaints that the modern alphabet may not last me much longer…

Appendix A

I also have quite strong views on what technology I like and what works for me. Salespeople (note the PCness of it all….) both love me and hate me. They love me because when I go into the shop I tell then exactly what I want. Not a spec, but a product. Conversely they hate me because that means I don’t budge, however much they tell me another product is better. I am one of those people who will research to huge amounts before hand and then when I make a decision I’m happy with what I get.

For example, I bought my camera about 7 months ago. In fact I wasn’t quite perfect on this instance. I had narrowed my purchase down to 2 camera’s. I found one in a shop and had a go on that. I then went (with ) in search of the other one to pickup and test. I found it after an awfully long time looking. As will attest to, I picked it up, zoomed in, put it down, and then after a moments thought, went and bought the other one. And in my defence, this was one of those issues where for each good point one had, the other had a different way of dealing with it.

Another item I did something similar with was my phone. I have a Siemens ME45 which is over 5 years old. It is the first phone I got and still my only phone. At the time it cost £300 and as a tribute to my product picking skills it actually went up in price for a few months after I bought it. It beats hands down the poor bit of plastic I see tethered together with superglue nowadays. Interestingly I have never seen another one before. A good friend of mine was working in Germany (and in the home of Siemens) and he did see one. Apparently the guy was also looking for a new phone but could not find a better one.

Anyway, after all that procrastination…

I am finally looking at getting a new phone. I can’t stand not having something new anymore. It’s more than that. They now have features that I actually want (I have no lust for polyphonic ringtones, flashing cases and micro pictures).

I am looking at getting a O2 XDA Mini S. It’s a smart phone:

It supports push email, wireless and sports a half decent camera. The main reason behind looking into it is I actually use email more than SMS, so I want something that supports email in a way where I can use it like SMS.

It will never be as hardy as the Siemens, but few phones go out in the rain, drop 10M onto concrete and are used as a toy to play catch with and live to tell the tale, let alone have a few minor scratches that are now quite hard to find.

I shall just have to let it go. Gone are the days when things were made to last.

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