Apple’s newest service pack out

OK, so technically it is a new OS, but I’m sorry Apple, this is just too feature light to ever be considered a new OS. As far as I can tell you like the sound of “OSX” so you don’t want to move to version 11 because it sounds less cool. You also take as long with your service packs as everyone else, but it is much easier to be “current” when you call them a new OS each time.

Now it has to be said, unlike previous service packs this one will not cost $129 (or about that in £’s), nope this one will only cost $29. Now you might think that to be mighty generous of them, especially given last time they released an update the 3rd best feature according to their own website was a more shiny dock menu (no, not the new features in the dock, just that it was more shiny).

So, given the last light feature set you would be expecting something pretty pathetic for this amount of money…. and you would be right too. Here are the user noticeable features this upgrade includes as noted by Lifehacker:

  • Faster bootup and shutdown times, and half the disk footprint of Leopard, which will save you about six gigabytes of disk space.
  • Signal strength indicators in the Airport menu.
  • A split pane terminal, so you can run jobs side by side.
  • Date in the menu bar.
  • Safari 4 (which is a free upgrade/download to all current versions of OSX anyway)
  • Video editing and screen recording in Quicktime (I’m going to assume this is going to be for all OSX versions too).
  • Microsoft Exchange support.
  • 64-bit computing.

Hell, 64bit won’t mean anything to almost everyone anyway. So all in all, it sounds truly pathetic doesn’t it.

Well, it seems that all the changes are “under the hood” giving you a much faster OS. And if you read the Apple press brief you get some pretty impressive numbers like this:

Mail that loads messages 85 percent faster and conducts searches up to 90 percent faster*

These are however the only OS specific statistics they give, for everything else they claim it is all “faster”.

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