What is clutter?

So I’m moving out of the house in Brighton this weekend. I have lived down here for the last two years and in that time, although my living has been fairly spartan there is still a fair bit of stuff in my room.

Turning into a neat freak has certainly had a hand in helping me stay fairly organised, but it doesn’t seem able to stop the clutter… well, maybe it has, I don’t think I’m really sure what I regard as clutter.

For example, I am always fixing computers and picking up spare parts. Every time I am about to throw some random bit of hardware that doesn’t work I take all the screws off it and add them to the (sorted) box I have. I hate having a screw that just fits when I could have one that really fits. The same applies to bigger bits of hardware such as MODEM’s and graphics cards. To that end I currently have 5 spare graphics cards and 3 spare MODEM’s in my room. OK, now it doesn’t take a genius to know that is too many, but exactly how many is the right number? Fine, one lets me help one person with that problem, but I don’t get new graphics cards every day. It would be really annoying for everyone involved if I ended up needing two.

This sort of problem, however small, seems to apply to a lot of my stuff. I like to keep things around that would be handy to have in the future, but at the same time I don’t want to be surrounded by stuff that never gets used.

I do something similar with clothes. When something is old and worn out it just moves into another pile so it’s kept for events (mainly Scouting based it has to be said) when I want something I don’t care much about.

How about magazines. I pick up PCPro fairly religiously each month if only for the DVD of software it comes with. I regularly find myself going back a year or so in magazines to find some article or bit of software they talked about. OK, so I could throw out everything older than a year but I guarantee the day after I do that I will want something from 13 months ago….

I want less stuff in my room, I want less clutter, but what will it cost me in convenience to do that?


  1. If you get pcpro every month why not just subscribe, save money and get it earlier…

  2. Craig says:

    I have been meaning to actually. The reason I didn’t in the past was because I used to buy with a little more variation, but of late I have pretty much just bought PC Pro, so I shall switch to a subscription sooner rather than later.

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