Please, for the love of all things good will you just stop suing each other! Why is it that every time there is a ruling in America, someone has to be sued? It seems like it almost become the norm. I mean, in the end it does little to no good, because if you sue them, they sue you back for damages from the original sue. So you might as well put a few layers out of jobs and NOT FUCKING START! Suing never proves a point, or damages anyone other than shareholders of insurance companies (as said companies end up paying the sues anyway). In fact, because the insurance companies end up paying (if the company doesn’t have the money) there is no real punishment either. Now yes, I agree there are times when suing is a sensible course of action to pursue. These are times like when someone has invented something, copyrighted it and then another company makes money from that idea (in effect stealing that idea), so suing for damages I think is quite appropriate. However, once that sue has gone through, that’s it, no more….put an end to it.

I mean, you end up starting a blame culture if you just allow people to sue for virtually any reason (normally because they are greedy bastards). Think about it for a moment, if companies are being sued a lot (as they often do by the afore mentioned greedy bastards) then to pay for all these claims, they are going to need money. Well, that money is going to have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is most likely going to be their customers. Therefore, as the companies put up their prices, they are going to force everyone who buys things from them to pay more. Now of course this isn’t going to bother the greedy bastards as they have shed loads of money from all the suing they have done, but it may well bother our hard working customer who has done nothing but earn their decent, honest living. So now, you end up with the rather odd situation where the company is screwing the people who have chosen not to screw it, yet not screwing the people who have chosen to screw it.

I do really hope this rather stupid system doesn’t fully make its way into the UK. For the moment, cases like this are rare, but I fear they will not be for much longer.


Pet hates

Ok, people that should be shot

All those who voted for bush.
All those who think the death penalty is right, just or words to that effect.
All those who own poodles.
All those run windows ME.
All those who don’t eat meat because it’s “cruel”.
All those who force their employees to say “missing you already” as their customer leave the shop.
All those who enjoy saying the aforementioned “missing you already”.
All those who think guns are “cool”.
All those who think good cars are ones that are shiny, have large wheels, have TV’s on the dash you can’t watch and play music so loud that it kills old people as they drive past.
All those who think 9/11 was caused because some nasty men in some country we’re not sure where it is don’t like the freedom, truth and justice which America stands for.


When will it all end?

There are times when i just give in…

The other day our wonderful labour government announced it was looking into little black boxes that basically were built into our cars and spied on us. Well, the idea is that they see where we have been going, and more importantly what times we have been going there. Incidentally they also have other by products like catching people speeding…something that the government seems unwilling to talk about…funny that. Anyway, their grand idea is to have us not pay road tax (yay you think…but wait for it…) but to get billed per month. The bill would be constructed from all the trips we have done and encompassing all the different rates for the roads we have driven on. Yes, you did read correctly, different rates. You see the government in its wisdom has noticed that there are more people on the roads during “rush hour”…(I’m still waiting for someone to point out that’s where it gets its name from). This is due to the fact that everyone starts work about the same time and finishes about the same time. Therefore, to stop this problem they want to price us off the roads, so if we travelled to work at 2 in the morning it would be very very cheap indeed. There is a problem that i cant help but feel a need to point out. Not everyone starts work at 2 in the morning. So for those of us who can’t be bothered to go in at such a time, we either lump the cost, or use public transport. This is all well and good if the government pumps a lot of money into it. obviously, as this is the sensible thing to do, the government aren’t doing it. So what happens, well, today the train networks (well, most of them (plus the people that regulate them)) have announced that with all these extra people that we are going to see on the train networks, they are going to put the prices up the encourage people not to use the trains during…yes, you guessed it, rush hour.

Perhaps it just me, but I’m beginning to think that the public is just being sent back and forth (bit like a tennis ball (note the Wimbledon reference)). The government says not on the roads please, and the only viable option says not on the tracks please.

So we are now left with a country that has not enough money to invest in its own transport system, but yet has enough to go to war against a guy who had weapons we sold him…hmm

(on one last note, this is all to stop pollution, yet the new pricing system will not take into account engine size etc….so if you want that large, noisy, polluting car (like the Hummer H2) then it will soon be a great time to get one….)



I feel i must for anyone who cares post the recent comments of a friend of mine after the recent re-election of that ******** know as BUSH


We all know the score, Republican son wants to copy his father in every
way, cheats in an election and becomes President of the USA. But here’s the twist he then gets elected for a second term, pretty bad story right?
It amazes me how so many people can simultaneously mark themselves for extermination on my black list in one go, and what is more the electoral register knows where they all live :-).

Many people say that this is the way that democracy works, it is there to accept the people’s decision and run with it. Clearly they have never studied political history, one of the founding principles of liberal democracy was that the voter must vote responsibly, did they, let’s look at the comparison in candidates.

(Bush) One of the only two Presidents to have an IQ below 100.
(Kerry) Very successful lawyer.
(Bush) Has been a serious alcoholic.
(Kerry) Has been responsible his whole life.
(Bush) Has crashed: cars, boats and planes.
(Kerry) Has used vehicles in a variety of combat situations.
(Bush) Cant string two sentences together.
(Kerry) Author.
(Bush) Bought up a failing oil well and sold it on fraudulently.
(Kerry) Didn’t.
(Bush) Used his father’s position to give compulsory purchase orders on people’s homes in order to build a baseball stadium.
(Kerry) Didn’t do that either.
(Bush) Got involved in a multi-billion bank fraud claim, daddy got him out.
(Kerry) Nope didn’t do that either.
(Bush) Dodged the draft, then didn’t turn up for National Service.
(Kerry) Dropped out of school prior to the draft to vollunteer for combat.
(Bush) Bought some medals.
(Kerry) Won three purple hearts.
(Bush) Stayed out of politics until very recently.
(Kerry) Ran the anti-war campaign in the US after his war experiences.
(Bush) Supported by the Terminator (evil cyborg sent back to enslave mankind).
(Kerry) Supported by Presidents.

Now some partisan politics:
(Rep) Leaves 75% of the population without healthcare.
(Dem) Seeks to help those without healthcare.
(Rep) Let the economy slip, protectionism, extensive borrowing to fun tax cuts for only the richest americans.
(Dem) A policy of proportional taxation to help relieve burden on the system, while using sensible economics to bring the country back in line.
(Rep) Bang Bang solutions (oximoron).
(Dem) Negotiation.
(Rep) Guns are a right for everyone, they make the world safer don’t you know.
(Dem) Restrict guns which have no hunting purpose.
(Rep) We hate gays.
(Dem) Screw who you want.
(Rep) No abortion.
(Dem) It has to be the woman’s choice.

(Rep) No stem cell research.
(Dem) Whatever research is needed to improve the lives of the disabled.

You know you would have thought that hijacking plans would tell the Americans something about the world’s view…no. More killing, no negotation, that makes the whole world safer and more happy it is only logical that if I were to kill your brother who might be a terrorist that you will like me for it…right.

Apparently many Americans are excusing the Bush win by saying that we didn’t like Reagan either so there. Pardon? Are you trying to loose the discussion, Reagan couldn’t deal with more information than a single sheet of A4 in one go, hence the term Reagan Reports coming into play in the
white house. So he had more intelligence then Bush. But his massive expenditure on weapons programs can be seen to have won the cold war, because it was either that or WWIII in such a contest, the real irony is that the people who saved
the world from Reagan were communists like Gorbachev who saw the danger and decided to do something about it. There is a reason why he was known as Ray-Gun, the whole Star Wars program is his fault…guess what more missile defence has sparked the former communist powers to develop even more powerful missiles to deal with it…as if that wasn’t predictable. And in terms of Reagan’s idea of spreading liberal democracy, the forcable attempts to send it, contrary to the entire theory of liberal democracy, shows hipocrasy and has put many nations off democracy entirely.

Sod the UK’s special relationship with the US, if they can screw us over then they can go to hell, and they will. We need some power balance in the world, three possibilities exist: China develops even further and takes a role outside of asia, the USSR reforms due to Putin’s overt attempts to copy the system or the most sustainable one is a Federal Europe, we would be the one’s in power then, rather then hanging onto shoe-strings. But we cant do it by following the Americans, and by that I am not just refering to politically, our social collapse can be seen as the result of imported american liberalism we have to reject that and our incessant following of American culture otherwise we will remain reflections of their culture not our own.

I burn my little USA flag today, something I hope to do more of as time goes on. Four years ago I decided to give the Americans a final chance to show themselves as a developed nation, they messed up and my opinion of them is now deadset against their nature and properties.

Today has been a bad day for the US, the Democrats (the Republicans in the long-term), the UK and our special interest, my party, Page’s party, me, you the whole bloody world. Four years is a long time, people are already looking forward to 2008, this is the one occassion I am glad that Presidents are limited to two terms, but god knows if any of us will be around by then or if the world is the same. The world didn’t change on 9/11 the US simply
came to recognise the existance of it, don’t let their pain die, when it does they wont give a damn about any of us.

Sorry about ranting at people indiscriminately here but i am fucking angry, in general now, this was the result i expected but hope is necessary for people to not go insane. What was the famous line, “Damn you all to hell” they have destroyed themselves, but I remain sorry for them, for all of us, most importantly for me.