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Looks like Facebook knows what I am going to say before I do


(this was last night on the mobile Facebook. I had just written that comment)


A word for the wise and the not so wise

It has to be said, this talk from Barry Schwartz is one of the most worthwhile things to come out of this years TED that I have seen so far. It is all about how rules and regulation and fear are stopping development on so many levels. He makes the case for wisdom to be allowed to flourish and it is something many people need to see. In case the video below doesn’t work or for those who would like more information about this talk, you can find it here too:



Statistics on passwords are rare things. Anyone with the tiniest clue about computer security knows that passwords should be stored in some encrypted form to ensure that if someone did break into your system they couldn’t just read everyone’s passwords. Clearly the world is not just full of smart people so when a largish website got hacked a little while back and its passwords were found to be in plain text the result was inevitable, they got released to the public.

Here is an article with some details on some of the statistics drawn from said publicly released passwords. There are some odd ones in there and some slightly scary ones.

However, the story doesn’t end there. You see, I happen to be part of a big site that stores it’s passwords in this painfully bad plain text way. I also happen to be fairly high up there and have at times helped out with the codebase and database. In fact, I still had an old database backup kicking around which I hadn’t got round to removing. Now Physorg had 28,000 passwords to look at. I on the other hand have over 130,000! Suffice to say, this is probably more passwords than almost anyone else in the world can get hold of due to most sites default security.

Of course with a resource like that I couldn’t help but do a little statistical analysis. Here is a list of the most popular passwords along with the number of times each was used in the 130,000 people.

Password Count
88u6755r34 1367
123456 1269
password 836
mchs2005 471
12345678 390
Allahakbar 284
12345 357
humyhumy 356
catsca 336
binky 321
junior 315
123456789 301
tree777 295
brolly 259
dolphin 237
aaaaa 233
liverpool 231
qwerty 226
compaq 207
princess 200
vagina 185
mj8jr2 183
iloveyou 173
111111 155
82308230 152
hello 149
music000 145
whatever 131
class3kill 126
monkey 126

The first thing that strikes me about these results is the number one password is a very very odd one. In fact, my guess for some of the more random results at the top is they are due to spammers. The site this data comes from has issues with several members making loads and loads of fake accounts.In fact, I have passed this data onto the site owner as a possible way of identifying this person more accurately.

Next we have the string “123456”. This password makes up almost 1% of results. This is a huge number and actually pretty scary really if you think about it. What is even more scary is that if you take the numbers 1 to 9 and 10 as a string (aka, 1, 12, 123, 1234, 12345, 123456, 1234567, 12345678, 123456789, 12345678910) you end up covering almost 2% of all the passwords.

I also find it a bit of a worry when we have things like “password” and “qwerty” appearing high up the list too.

The other thing i noticed from this data is the number of real world words appearing. By this I mean things susceptible to a dictionary attack.

I thought by now, especially teens (which is who this is data is from) would know what is and what isn’t a good password. Ideally it should be something unrelated to you (so not your date of birth!), something not in the dictionary, contain at least a mix of letters and numbers and if at all possible, be a miss spelling with random capitalization. So, something like gU1t4 for guitar, or how about pU2z1e for puzzle. It should be something that you find easy to remember or work out. car number plates are good, but don’t use your current one. old phone numbers, maybe with letters in the place of some numbers.

Failing that, use something like Keepass. It stores login details including passwords and locks them all under one master password that you should never write down.


Internets images

The Internets has some great images from time to time… I would love to be able to source where this image actually came from… Unfortunately someone else copied it without any clue as to where it’s from…



Death of CD’s

Got to love this comic:



Yey internets

You have to love the Internet when it gives you such joys as ZombieHarmony. This is a dating site for the poor left out zombies of this world. The tag line of “Because the apocalypse doesn’t have to be lonely” is just inspired.



People’s ability to judge completely and wholly without any real knowledge or understanding over the circumstances still amazes me…

Bassically a pair of goths got on a bus and got chucked off being called names etc by the driver


Link to article

Here is a selection of the more stupid comments the article:

• This pair look ridiculous! I’m not surprised the driver wouldn’t let them board!

• What idiots! What do they do when they go to work? Dress the same? Or don’t they work? They would never get past a first stage interview dressed like this.

• He looks like a work-shy scrounger to me, get a job and pay your way

• Not big on pride or dignity is she? What a sad example of womankind.

As for the article, given the information there it seems like the driver was very much in the wrong and i would like to see him point to the rule or regulation that allows his to act like this.

As a side note, the comments are from the Daily mail… so should I expect any better?



I love this image, such a great example of how being selfish and trying to push through that bit faster not only screws you, but everyone else at the same time.

Deadlock trafic jam somewhere in the US


Yey internet


Web gems

The web gives us 3 classics today:

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in a hospital?
Dr. Baby:Once I was sitting in the emergency room and a guy came in and Ihappened to be schmoozing with one of the nurses at the front desk and he says, “I need help,” and there was this buzzing sound and wecouldn’t figure out what it was until he went in and we realized he’d gotten a vibrator stuck up his ass. If you ever put anything someplacewhere it shouldn’t go, always make sure to have a handle. Put a string on it, for God’s sake, so you can pull it out!


Work work work

Today’s random quote from work:

A – can you just come explain what this thing is doing (points to the screen).
B – ok, I will check in sec, I just need to get this upload started.
A – ok dude, well, while you do that I’m just going to look at some breasts.


Breaking wind(ows)

The UK has more tornados per unit area than any other place in the world….

How odd is that….



You just can’t beat adverts in London City…


Maybe there is still hope yet

This is the sort of news you feel you can start a year to:

If the link doesn’t work this story doesn’t work I have deemed it so important I have made a back-up copy here:



I love it, I was sitting watching a film on the TV at 11:58 when they go to adverts and they say “This film will continue next year”. For a moment there I thought what the hell? then I realised…. its been a long day…