Towing Fees – Apollo 13

“As a joke following Apollo 13’s successful splashdown, Grumman Aerospace Corporation pilot Sam Greenberg (who had helped with the strategy for re-routing power from the LM to the crippled CM) issued a tongue-in-cheek invoice for $400,540.05 to North American Rockwell, Pratt and Whitney, and Beech Aircraft, prime and subcontractors for the CSM, for “towing” the crippled ship most of the way to the Moon and back. The figure was based on an estimated 400,001 miles (643,739 km) at $1.00 per mile, plus $4.00 for the first mile. An extra $536.05 was included for battery charging, oxygen, and an “additional guest in room” (Swigert). A 20% “commercial discount,” as well as a further 2% discount if North American were to pay in cash, reduced the total to $312,421.24. North American declined payment, noting that it had ferried three previous Grumman LMs to the Moon (Apollo 10, Apollo 11 and Apollo 12) with no such reciprocal charges.”



Interesting explanation of challenges of exposure in the context of video

There is a pile of extra info in here I personally did not know, despite knowing quite a lot about how stills cameras work, seeing examples of how these same principals apply to videography. While this example is about high speed, most of the information is universal.

7 Design Myths That Will Wreck Your Site

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I find it truly baffling that I can be half asleep after a night of sleep, but fully awake and not wanting to sleep now…

Trump supporters say the most daft things…


Long time coming

OK, I will admit it has taken me a little longer than planned…. but it has finally happened. Version 5 of my site is now live and for all to see.

There have been some pretty big changes since last time:

  1. It runs on WordPress again (this is the first time the whole thing runs on WordPress to be fair).
    1. It is much easier for me to update now.
    2. The code doesn’t make me cringe any time it does need updating.
  2. It is fully responsive, so works on mobiles as well as desktops.
  3. It supports more post types than just standard blog posts. It allows me to make quick updates to share something a simple thought, video, image, link etc.
  4. My gallery is officially gone. It contained far too many images I didn’t care about anyway.
  5. The projects section is gone, but not for long I hope. The grand plan is to integrate with all the projects I keep on Github.
  6. Bookmarks work again. This section is fed from my RSS reader as I find things I want to share

I can’t promise it will stay as up to date as I want it to, but I can promise it will be better than before. I am a firm believer that the interface dictate the use and the new interface is much easier to use.

Finally hit the end of the most insane couple of weeks at work. The go-live of a new system we have been working on for over a year and a half. The last two weeks I have done crazy hours and weekends. But today it is officially live, working and people are happy. Time for a weekend!