cornflakes and cars…

it bothers me what i do when im tiered. In the evening i normally have a bowl of corn flakes (this is something my mum started when i came home one evening and asked for a suggestion for something to at, as a joke, my mum said cereals…..and so from that day forward…anyway, back to non brackets land), so i got out the box of corn flakes, un did the clip and picked the box up and started to pour…when, suddenly, i realised that i was trying to pour them into a very tall, thin cup! What the hell was i thinking!

on another note, i have yet again, oh so kindly been reminded by the car that it has a very big engine, so when i pulled out from a standing start from a T junction turning right, i noticed a car coming rather faster than i thought it was, so i put my foot down and dropped the clutch further and faster….result: the rear wheels spun, and the back end of the car came round, and it took ALOT of correction to put the over-steer and the back end in its place…..VERY cool, but methinks more the thing for the track! one of these days i will get a race sorted between myself and a friend naomi. i would love to race her..i’d win 😀 but it would be very fun as she has little fear in a car. i think i will leave to to explain my driving to most….lol


everything hates me – i think it does it cos its evil and thinks its fun

oh sod it, im in a bad mood and i feel like a rant…so off i go to a forum which i seem to be taking over, its called golivewire. i seem to be spending rather alot of time there, and the one time i want to have a good rant and there is NOTHING to rant about! ARGH! i am not impressed. it is late and im tiered and im trying to find a blog script that i can use for my site…i intend to update it and LJ at the same time with the same content…so i find a really nice blog script…and after a bloody long time and via another rant (at ) i find out where to get it…so then i start looking around the site some more and discover that i have to pay for that…my heart sinks….and then…a small amount of good luck..they make a free version (“yay” goes my mind) so off i go to download the thing…as i go to do so, they want my email address so they can feed me spam (as is always the case…so they get one of my addresses for just spam) and away goes the download…10 seconds later, i un-zip the file and put it in my IIS root, only to discover that i havnt got my server set up to run cgi files…and its so late now, and i cant think…im really not in the mood for fixing it now…and i can fix it tomorrow morning as i have to do a report for college, and i cant do it in the afternoon as i have to go to college and i cant do it in the evening as i have a meeting to go to…AAAAAAAARGH! i am not in the mood for this!


i like the first thing in this – tis quite true

The No-Hassle Day Planner for the Clinically Insane by MilesToGo13
This morning, you should… check to see how the guests you keep in the basement are doing, and perhaps refill their water bowl.
Then, after lunch… leap on random pedestrians and demand that your need for piggy back rides be sated, lest you kill again.
Dinner will consist of… a random tourist you happened to run down with your car.
Afterwards, you set off into the evening to… have a drink at your local coffee shop, where you take great joy in unplugging people’s laptops at random and giggling at their misery.
At the height of your madness, you will call boggyb
And the two of you will proceed to… have an intense shouting match that the police will be called to over which chipmunk was Chip, and which one was Dale.
Quiz created with MemeGen!


hmm, well, i cant think of a subject for this….

well today has been a fairly pointless day….

woke up…way too early
went in to work (im a primary schools IT tech on one of my college days off)
discovered there was no point to me being at work as the guy i work with was off sick
went home
sat in front of the computer
noticed i felt crap (head ache and sore throat)
still sitting in front of the computer
ate food
did some boring, pointless stuff
went out to beavers (where im one of the helpers/leaders (this is much harder than it sounds))
got home
ate food
waited till dad got back with the car
drove off to fix a friends computer
came back
landed in front of the computer
…..and now im here.

wasn’t that fun.

On another note, the product referred to here has found its way back into our fridge, and as far as im concerned…it can bloodywell stay there.

Sainsbury’s scamorza cheese and sun dried tomato tortelloni

if you see this product…smite it.



On Thursday night a very good friend of mine died. She was a woman at my church who was at one time one of my Sunday school teachers, she was a huge part of the church drama group (which I do techie things for like lights and sound) and a life long friend of my grandparents. She, although she seemed (and acted) very young, was reasonable old (although not the sort of age that she should have died). Last year, or maybe the year before…in fact, thinking about it, maybe even the year before that, she had cancer. She fought this off rather well, and was in hospital recently to have some kind of operation (not quite sure what it was for, but it wasn’t life threatening). She was expected out very soon. While in hospital (I assume) she caught a chest infection and this caused her death on Thursday evening. My question is, why do people have to jump all the big hurdles to fall at the final little ones? I don’t understand this. This seems to happen all the time…just when you think someone is through the worst, just when you think they are getting better, they seem to fall at the last fence. This is so unfair…people put in all this time and effort in their lives and always seem to come stuck up against what seem the smallest of things. She had lived a very interesting life, she had a huge number of friends and did so many people so much good. She was single with little family, but there are so many people to contact that her funeral isn’t going to be for another week, and I don’t know how on earth they are going to fit everyone in to the church (and this is not a small church by any stretch of the imagination). I wish that I would have such a full life to celebrate, I very much doubt I can every come close to this. I look forward to her funeral, I think it will be nice to hear all about her life. I think she should be glad, she has managed to touch so many people and has done so much she will be sorely missed.



Today, for my dinner, I had the most disgusting tasting bits of pasta. It was some kind of quite nice pasta, with this disgusting sun dried tomato paste inside….plus some crappy herbs….anyway, it was horrible….one day I will find out what it was. All I know is it is a Sainsbury’s product, and it was not worth buying


Belbin Test

I recently did something called the Belbin test. This was devised by a bloke called Meredith Belbin and was first suggested in a book which he published called “Management Teams“. He decided upon 8 types of people that were needed to make up a good team, and a good team must contain all these types to function properly. These types are quite separate, so most people find themselves being a mix of several, although, not normally more than three. I came out to be very strong in the direction of a “plant”. This apparently means im an ideas man. I’m also a bit of an “Implementer”, which means I get things going, but am not quite so good at the finishing……I would like to point out that im writing this from memory, so im not fully sure……except i defiantly was a strong plant. If you would like to test yourself then you can find the test on Belbins wedbsite, although unfortunatly you will have to pay.


bloody idiots – should all be shot

Right…this is a reply to a person known as Doubble Dutch on this forum here.
It is a reference to this post….the one at the top of the page

By reading your post, it is quite easy to tell that you are an American. Not only do you talk crap, but you complain about something you use. Have you noticed that so far (14/02/2005) you have not a single person siding with you! I love seeing those who think they are so smart fall flat on there arses. And what an arse you have to behold…it is quite astonishing quite how much excrement protrudes from within it. The English language is the most widely spoken language in the world by quite a way, and is soon to become the language spoken by the most number of people (second only to Chinese and this is debatable as there are thousands of different dialects in Chinese, many of which are so different, they are virtually unrecognisable). If you were to take in to account people first and second languages then you would soon discover that it is more than just popular…it is considered the language of the world. Now I agree that some of this is down to the English empire of the Victorian age, but a language cant just become this universal without being quite good. Its is also considered the most widely descriptive language in the world. Now, to those who use the example of Eskimos to counter me…please bear in mind that they may well have 24 different words for snow, but, that is just one thing, the rest of the language is very bland (and before you ask, I have done my research, so I know). The wonderful thing about this language is that it allows such great description. For example…. Stairs are inside, steps are outside, except when there are several, when they are then called steps. A single step, is called a step, not a stair, even when it is inside. You can of course have steps inside as well, but these are again normally when there are a few, and normally between rooms, not between floors.

This is just an example of how great it can be, if used correctly. When used correctly, it leaves nothing to interpretation, so, if used properly, it is not possible to misunderstand someone, so it takes away ambiguity, which makes it the best language in the world, as the point of language is to communicate a point or idea.
Anyway, to the next point in hand….you said “Classical Russian poetry outsells its Americian (you typoed the name of your own county! What a prick) equivalent over 40 times”. Anyway, America doesn’t have a equivalent to Classical Russian poetry, America is far to young to be even close… has been pointed out so many times before, America has no history, let alone any good linguists.

Next….” Written Arabic has passed unchanged to the entire middle east since the writing of the Koran, even today it is a travesty to soil it with forgein words or the common tounge”. I love the way this person proves what a prick they are with there very own words. The reason it is considered a “travesty” is because it is the holly language, which is no longer spoken…as pointed out that there is a “common tongue”…some people.

Ah yes…what a point you made here…” Modern American rap is 5 minutes of undecipherable crud”….firstly, ALL rap is crap, and secondly, how has this point helped your point…as has been pointed out later in the page, it is dependant on what language the rap is in…if you have heard rap in French…which I have….i can asure you….you would never say another bad thing about English rap!

Now here you managed to sum up your intelligence….” Modern English academic works are incomprehensible passages of gibberish and complex jargon”. If this is the case, then you must just be stupid…simple as that…I understand them, and I’m hardly a genius!

Ah, and to the next point “President Bush got elected despite the fact that he’d probbably fail a second grade reading examination [‘but me are learning’]” Now this one is a real cracker….you spelt probably with two b’s….what a prick! And then you go on to say “but me are learning”…well by this evidence, you haven’t!. (and just in case these words were spelt incorrectly deliberately, well, then you also need to learn to be consistent, as later in you post you pointed out that the mistakes were deliberate!)

“Truly English is a language loathed by all its speakers” wrong again fool…everyone so far on you forum thinks your wrong…so again, its just you….go on loner….fuck off!

“Anyone who attempts to write or speak grammatically correctly is some kind of stuck up showoff” well, again, your just wrong, and you know it! As I pointed out earlier, language is to put across a point, and it has to be correct to do so. If these grammatical rules were not needed, then they wouldn’t be there, fool!

Oh and what a quote you found…(I would say you made it up, but the point it tries to get across is not one the likes of you could ever comprehend). Well, here it is…” According to a modern report ‘shcool should focus on provyding texts to studnts that ar consistntly mispelt, as this wil allow them to see the nonlinerity of langage and the diversty of other cultures.'”. well, this is bolocks…people need to see correct use of their language to allow them to get it right themselves….then I wouldn’t have to even post things like this to people who don’t understand the language they use…poorly! Then you followed it up with “Yes, those were the origional spelling mistaikes, and they were inserted in the entire repot to illustrate the point”. To be honest, I’m not sure if you meant to miss spell original, mistakes, and report!

And now we come to you signature…well, this was a pure stroke of genius! “98% of teens have tried smoking pot and drinking. If you’re normal, copy this and put it in your Signature” well, if your normal, then you would find a better one, something more original instead of copying some crap written by a poorly educated American



sorry, crap day

this is a note to

you may have noticed the crap post all about sushi….well, I have been meaning to get rid of it since I read it in the was a whole load of crap…..this is what happens to me when im too tiered…I tell you, the keyboard can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of someone like me at the wrong time. anyway, I decided it wasn’t something I wanted on my LJ…(me sounding like a prick) its gone… is your comment….no offence meant. anyway, im going to leave this up until I know my apology has been accepted, then I will get rid of this, and post something less helpful, and perhaps a general rant…im brewing one about milk cartons….oh well, ttfn




well, why not….

Are you Addicted to the Internet?


Hardcore Junkie (61% – 80%)
While you do get a bit of sleep every night and sometimes leave the house, you spend as much time as you can online. You usually have a browser, chat clients, server consoles, and your email on auto check open at all times. Phone? What’s that? You plan your social events by contacting your friends online. Just be careful you don’t get a repetitive wrist injury…

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at Quiz Me!


because i have to

This was taken from boggyb

Reply to this post and…

1. I will tell you what song reminds me of you.
2. I will tell you what celebrity/public/fictional person you remind me of, either in personality or physical features.
3. I will give you one word that I associate with you when I think of you.
4. I will tell you what colors I associate with you.

After you’re done, steal this for your journal.

p.s. i dont know anyone, so am not expecting any replies




1 Known as: Craig/Craig King
2 Lives in: A house
3 Birthday: 26/05/86
4 School: Arun House
5 Religion: Christian
6 Shoe size: depends if it’s a trainer or a boot
7 Hair colour: brown
8 Eye colour: This sort of mixed colour with brown, green, grey and blue
9 Style: I feel the need to elaborate on this later
10 Fears: Heights (depending), spiders, not enjoying life


11 Cheated on someone? nope
12 Been Cheated on? nope, not really
13 Fallen off the bed? yep
14 Broken someone’s heart? again, sort of
15 Had your heart broken? yep
16 Had a dream come true? yep, skiing in the states
17 Done something you regret? cant remember an example, but thousands of times
18 Cheated on a test? contemplated doing it, but I don’t think I ever did, I’m far to honest that sort of thing


19 Wearing? A black leather thong and leopard skin tights. See expanded answers
20 Listening to? The really annoying hum coming from the fan in my computer
21 Located? at my desk, in my room, in a house, in the south of England.
22 Chatting with? who thinks up these questions?!? I’m answering this, I’m male, remember…I can’t multitask!
23 Watching? the screen! See above
24 Should REALLY be doing? Sleeping or my Java assignment


25 Brush your teeth? yep
26 Like anybody? yep, in both senses of the word, i.e, LIKE and like
27 Have any piercings? nope
28 Drive? yep, a 2 litre mazda 626 R-reg (more fun than it sounds)
29 Drink? if the moment allows it
30 Smoke? not a chance
31 Got a pager? nope, no-one in this country in their right mind has. We have phones!


32 Who is your best? Don’t have a “best”. Lots of people, but all for different reasons
33 Who do you hate? See latter sentence of above
34 Who is the cutest? I’m a bloke, its not a word I tend to use
35 Who laughs the most? The other Craig, aka “D”
36 Who have you known the longest? see above (I think)
37 Who have you known the shortest? probably some one I walked past in the street the other day?!? What sort of question is that. I shall explain myself later.
38 Who do you miss the most? See latter part of answer 32
39 Personal problems? This is way too open ended
40 Do you hang out with the opposite sex? Again, stupid question, u cant get away from them, they make up over half the worlds population
41 Do you trust your friends? Different degrees for each of them, but too some degree for all of them, or they wouldn’t be my friends!
42 Are you a good friend? hope so, but at times I doubt it
43 Can you keep a secret? *shouts* “OI, THIS PERSON WANTS TO KNOW IF I CAN KEEP A SECRET!”


44 Hugged? haven’t a clue
45 Kissed? haven’t a clue
46 IMed? Tom
47 Talked on the phone: Chris
48 Yelled at? not sure, probably one of my brothers
49 Fell in love with? now that would be telling


50 What do you want to be when you grow up? content
51 What has been the best day of your life? I don’t think I’ve had a best day, just moments, and there are too many to have a best
52 What comes first in your life? Birth?
53 Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? nope not at the moment. Long story
54 What are you most scared of? I think that this question is fairly similar to Q10, but in this case, I think its life. But more on that another time
55 What do you usually think about before you go to bed? how cool the ceiling looks
56 Love your family? yep
57 Love your friends? yep, depending on how you mean “love”


58 Movie: Movies are American, in England they are films! I quite like Notting Hill! Yes I know it’s a soppy love story and I’m a bloke, but hey!
59 Store: which ever one has what I want
60 Relative: don’t have that many, but probably my uncle
61 Sport: badminton
62 Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate
63 Fruit: raspberry
64 Candy: Candy is again more of an American thing, I quite like sweets such as polo’s
65 Holiday: is this MY favourite holiday, or favourite holiday like Christmas?
66 Day of the Week: the ones where I get a lie in

67 Time: evening
68 Color: purple, or blue, not sure
69 Name for a Girl: Natalie
70 Name for a Boy: don’t know about this one, none of them sound right in my head


71 Like to give hugs? yep
72 Like to give kisses? yep
73 Like to walk in the rain? yep, almost as much as walking in the dark
74 Prefer black or blue pens? doesn’t matter, they never work when I need them to
75 Like to travel? yep
76 Sleep on your side, tummy or back? side or back normally
77 Ever have the falling dream? yep, although now for ages. I like that dream. Not sure why.
78 Have stuffed animals? Does this mean, have I stuffed animals, or do I own any? The answer is no either way.


79 Abortion: To summarise…..see a later point I think
80 Smoking: its your body, do what you like, as long as it doesn’t affect me
81 Eating Disorders: eating “disorders”….pointless
82 Suicide: I saw I very interesting program on that recently, I shall elaborate later
83 Summer:’s a season? What kind of answer do you want?
84 Tattoos: see smoking (Q80)
85 Piercings: see tattoos (Q84)


86 Pierced nose or tongue? neither, but given the option, tongue
87 Single or taken? Am I single or taken, or would I like to be single or taken? You people need to be more specific
88 MTV or BET? I have no idea what this is asking. I will find out what it means and answer later
89 7th Heaven or Dawson’s Creek? no idea
90 Sugar or salt? sugar….who the hell would pick salt?
91 Silver or gold? silver. Looks better, costs less, doesn’t look like your showing off
92 Chocolate or flowers? Chocolate, but I’m a bloke, so no surprise there
93 Colour or Black-and-white photos? depends, black and white for people, colour for landscapes
94 M&M’s or Skittles? M&M’’s my love of chocolate coming though again
95 Stay up late or sleep in? both, this isn’t a one or the other thing!
96 Hot or cold? water has to be hot, but air has to be cold
97 Sun or moon? moon
98 Left or Right? left, just to be different
99 10 Acquaintances or one best friend? one best friend….acquaintances are pathetic
100 Mustard or ketchup? ketchup
101 Spring or Fall? autumn! None of this damn Americanism
102 Happy or sad? stupid question, happy is much nicer
103 Wonder or amazement? as I wonder at something, I usually find myself amazed at the same time
104 McDonald’s or Burger King? McDonald’s if I had to choose, but in reality, none
105 Mexican or Italian food? Italian…without a shadow of a doubt
106 Lights on or off? off, what I cant see cant hurt me
107 Candy or soda? “soda” is an American word! But neither
108 Pepsi or Coke? Coke. Pepsi is just a tag along” brand” that doesn’t taste as nice

Right, in the table above I answered a whole load or questions. I have now made a list of all those questions that to add more to than the space of the tabled allowed. So I begin, as is customary, with the first one on my list, which is question 6

Q6 – Shoe size

Firstly, how does this question help anyone? As these are questions that are designed to be passed on to your friends, the only person this could be of any use to would be a friend intending to buy you some kind of footwear for a present. Nonetheless, I am size 11 for trainers and size 12 for boots.

Q9 – Style

I find this a rather stupid question. What the hell is style? (yet another rhetorical question) I what is meant by this is townie or grunge etc but in reality these are split in to infinitesimal numbers of variations and sub-divisions. I think that I shall, just to be irritating, describe my style as normal.

Q10 – Fears

I find my fears very odd. I am very scared of heights, but for some reason I love going abseiling and climbing etc yet when it comes to spiders, a far more irrational fear, I have no intention of doing anything whatsoever to provoke this fear. And to those who are saying “why are you afraid of spiders” or words to that effect, I feel the need to point out the true meaning of a phobia (as I consider myself to have arachnophobia). A phobia is “an unexplained fear”, so I can not answer the question “why am I afraid of spiders” as I simple don’t know.

Q19 – Wearing

This strikes me as, yet another rather stupid question. Firstly who cares what I am wearing and secondly how does that help them paint a better picture of me (metaphorically). I feel the need to keep returning to the fact of who these question were designed for. They were designed for people who know the person answering. So this answer cant possible tell them something they did not already know about the sort of thing that person usually wears and so I count it void. And for anyone interested, I am not and never will be wearing a black leather thong and leopard skin tights…sorry

Q25 – Brush your teeth

Ah yes, this is yet ANOTHER of those falling under the category, “stupid question”. I feel no need to enter into further detail as I’m sure you will understand.

Q26 – Like anybody

I believe this question as far as I can see is better catered for under question 53. Like is too ambiguous. I like all my friends, but not in the way I THINK this question means. I therefore feel the need to stress upon anyone making up these questions; write questions that are definitive and understandable from first viewing.

Q32 – Who is your best

Do people have best friends past the age of 10? I’m not sure that they do. I think once you get to about that age you know too many people to have a best friend. If you haven’t reached this stage by around 10 then when you get to secondary school any ideas of best friends instantly go out the window. Now here is a question; is it better to have lots of friends or a best friend and then your other friends who aren’t quite your best friend? This is rhetorical, so I’m not expecting an influx of e-mails. As we get older we seem to want to be more even handed to the people we know, not favouring one person over everyone else. I wonder if this is the roots to “being politically correct”?

Q37 – Who have you know the shortest

Yet another falls gracefully onto the pile. How many stupid questions can one person think up! Without defining known this is yet another failed question. How many times must you have spoken to, seen, glanced at etc before this person is “known to you”.

Q38 – Who do you miss the most

This is very much like question 32. I miss lots of people, but for different reasons. For some it’s the conversation, for others their smile, some it’s the jokes we shared. You cant really say who you miss the most unless you only miss one person.

Q39 – Personal problems.

Another for the pile of stupid questions. There are once again many way this could be interpreted. Is it asking “do you have any personal problems” or is it asking “what are your personal problems”. If the latter is the case then the answer as to why I should no answer this question is in the question. They are personal! That means most people don’t want to publicise them.

Q41 – Do you trust your friends.

When will it end, yet more stupid questions! What has the world come to! If I didn’t trust them then they wouldn’t be my friends. I’m shocked I had to even point that out.

Q43 – Can you keep a secret

Perhaps a better question would be; would you, or will you keep a secret? As to the best of my knowledge, everyone CAN keep a secret, but not everyone chooses to.

Q48 – Yelled at

Who the hell cares? Exactly. And if your one of those people who will say yes, just to be annoying and “different” (as I know I am), Don’t!

Q49 – Fell in love with

This I feel is asking just a bit too much of anyone. There are some things that should be kept personal. I agree in the world today it seems that everyone and anyone is quite happy to discuss their sexual habit and other bits of information that the general populous ready don’t want to know, all for a bit of TV and their 15 minuets of fame. But this should not be the case. This country is already a long way down the road in turning into America, but there’s no need to provoke it. People are going to have to learn that some things should just be kept personal, and that’s that.

Q51 – What has been the best day in your life.

This I feel is very much like the whole best friends thing. Most people don’t just have a best day, they maybe have a best time in their life, or several days that they enjoyed the most. Every day has good bits and bad bits. I bet anyone who says they have a best day cant still think of something that wasn’t quite right, or could have been better for that day. The first thing I think of when I wonder what my best moment of my life is, is when I went skiing in America. However, there are so many moments that I have enjoyed so much more. Time with friends, sun sets on a beach, a walk in the middle of the night, even just a conversation had in a couple of minuets. Those are the best bits, the bits that make you smile, not the ones you THINK are the best days.

Q52 – What comes first in your life

I feel, although I may well have pointed out the obvious, I assume this what not quite what the question meant. I assume it what comes first in your life in terms of friends, family, money. If you were to give your life a purpose, what would it be? Do people even have a main drive in there life? You could say you appreciate you friends over your family because you choose your friends, you’re stuck with your family. This is the attitude many take, but just stop and think, your family is stuck with you, and they are still there for you, whereas your friends choose you. I would say this is a tough call, friends of family, and I suppose it depends on the friends and the family, but in the end, both will do there best to be there for you when you need it.

Q53 – Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush

This is another unfair question, If you want whoever you send this to know, then you would have already told them, if you don’t want them to know, then this is just another awkward question you would rather avoid. As to the “long story” bit of my answer, just because I said it was a long story, doesn’t mean I want to broadcast it to the world.

Q54 – What are you most scared of

How could you not be scared of life…it can go just like that, yet it’s the reason for your friends, your family etc. You can be scared of losing it, not having a good one, not making the most of the one you have, taking advantage of others…the list could go on for a while.

Q73 – Like to walk in the rain

This along with walking in the dark are too things that I find can help me just get away from it all or give me the chance to think. Life is so busy all the time, I suppose its my chance to get away from it all and just let my mind of its lead for a run around for a while. The only thing I don’t enjoy is taking a walk at night when it’s raining. I find that just takes the fun out of it. I am what I quess would be classified as a “keen walker”. This just means I like to go for a walk in the country, just for a breather. If I go for a walk with a friend, I find I enjoy the conversation so much more and I can be far more honest. Maybe this is because there are not distractions, or maybe its just a bit of fresh air. Its nice to have some solitude not and then as well. I mean, I live in a country of around 58,000,000 people and hell does that feel like a lot when you go Christmas shopping. We just get used to all these people everywhere, we almost how nice it is for them not to be there. Just try it, stop living the fast life for a moment. Its only when you look at it from a different perspective, you see how much nicer it is when it slows down…just bit.

Q75 – Like to travel

Not everyone likes to travel, but surly everyone like to see new places, if only just to say, “yep, bin there, done that”. We are all naturally curious, so this is just our curiosity taking us a few steps on from peering over the neighbours fence.

Q79 – Abortion

I recognise that’s it’s human life, and you cant just terminate it as though it didn’t matter, but I also recognise that there are some cases where its could be considered to be cruel to make that baby live, when it will have nothing more than misery. There is no point in keeping a child alive that will have virtually no quality of life. If for example it is know that the child will die within a few months of being born and will be in pain up until it dies, then as hard as I would find it if I had to make the decision, the kindest thing you can do is save it the trouble of a wasted life. If however there is a chance that that child will be able to reach its potential, whatever that may be, then it must be taken as in this case, the end may well justify the means. I understand that there are an infinitesimal number of different situations that you could encounter, but all I ask is you think what is best for the child. This is a last option and should only be considered when EVERTHING else has been looked at, this is still life we’re talking about after all.


life- an ongoing struggle

Is it me or does life like to give everything to you at once? You have to do most (or in some peoples cases all) of your leaning at the very start of your life, just the first 10 years or so. You may think this is rubbish, but start to think about the information and life skills you have. Like being able to tell if someone is forcing a smile, that you take for granted and you will begin to understand my point. When you find love, everything seems to happen at once, all those feelings pour out. The term “midlife crisis” describes a time when many people find that everything is just too much for them. Many people go from feeling fine and well to ill in hospital in a matter of weeks and even days sometimes. Perhaps this is life’s ways of kicking you up the arse every now and then. Maybe it is a little test, to “make or break you”. This is what the army does, push you and see if they can “break you”. Many will then say that you have proved yourself if they do not “break you”. In reality, I think they break everyone. Soldiers who have lived through wars, emerging at the end fine and apparently unscathed years down the line quite often end up with bad dreams, hearing voices, replaying moments over and over and over in their minds. It occurs to me that these people must just be covering up what they feel, pulling the wool over other’s eyes. But don’t we do this all the time? Even under oath in court, people try to pull the wool over others eyes, and that’s under oath! There is no oath to others in life…who knows how many people do it, just omit certain details, neglect minor facts, white lies…everyone’s done. If this is the case, how can we ever know what others are thinking? We can’t is the simple truth of it, we are just acting. I suppose this is a way of defining love, someone so special that you tell them everything, and they know you are telling them everything.



There is phrase which seems to have been everywhere in the last few years. “24/7″…many people say that we are entering a 24/7 world. I hate to burst their bubble, but we are in one, and come to think of it, have been since time started (which is quite a while ago). I assume what they actually mean is that we are entering a world where everything is available all the time. Now this would all sound great if it wasn’t for the short but true fact that I do not often feel the urge to go buy petrol or a KitKat™ in the middle of the night. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever wanted to buy something in the middle of the night. I does however appear that petrol station owners have found the solution to this…don’t stay open for 24/7. It seems simple, and is guaranteed to cut costs, but it does ruin the adverts. So to combat this advertising dilemma, these companies have done what any respectable company does when advertising, they’ve put it in the small print. As far as they are concerned, there is nothing in the phrase 24/7 that implies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…


Band aid

I have just watched a program about band-aid 20. You know, 20 years ago there was an event called band-aid and it raised vast sums for the millions starving in Ethiopia, and now they are having a kind of “revival” with mainly new singers etc. Well, the program was great, the cause was well worth it, the idea was brilliant and their motivation was astounding, yet I still see “comedians” having a laugh at people in Africa. WHY? What’s the point? Do they deserve it. NO. It’s people in richer countries that have quite often caused their predicament, either by lack of action, lack of helpful action or by negative action. There was only one thing it that program that made me smile, and it was Bob Geldof complaining that after 20 years they still couldn’t get his name right on his badge.